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Basavalinga swamiji

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A day after Basavalinga Swami of the Kanchugal Bande mutt in Karnataka become determined dead, a sensational twist withinside the alleged suicide case emerged on Wednesday, October 26. Republic learned that the seer can also additionally be honey-trapped, and the evidence becomes a video accessed with the aid of using the network. The 44-year-vintage becomes visible smiling and talking with a female withinside the video.

Pertinently, in his 2-page-lengthy suicide note, the seer had referred to calling and changing texts with a female on WhatsApp and had blamed some human beings for ‘blackmailing and harassing him. Police have registered a case of abetment to suicide and research is underway. They have seized the seer’s telecellsmartphone and are going thru the decision records.

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Basavalinga Swamiji video download

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