Downloading English (US) Update Waiting for network connection Problem Solved

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So today i try to tab my android mobile notification panel but unfortunately it shows one notification Downloading English (US) Update But here my internet works normal At same time if i try to press this notification it won’t go away And there is no specific option is available to hide this notification.

So, don’t worry it’s Google Speech Services.

What is Google Speech Services ?

 Google speech-to-text functionality

Speech Services provides speech-to-text functionality to Google and other third-party apps to convert what you say to text. For example, it can be used by:
• Google Maps when you use your voice to search places.
• Recorder app to transcribe your recordings on device.
• Phone app Call Screen feature to get a real-time transcription of your caller.
• Accessibility apps like Voice Access for operating your device through voice.
• Dictation or keyboard apps that you might use to dictate text messages through voice.
• Apps that contain a search by voice feature so that you can quickly search for your favourite shows or songs.
• Language learning apps that recognise what you say as you practise a new language.

Google Text-to-speech functionality.
Speech Services powers applications to read the text on your screen aloud. For example, it can be used by:
• Google Play Books to ‘read aloud’ your favourite book.
• Google Translate to speak translations aloud so that you can hear the pronunciation of a word.
• TalkBack and accessibility applications for spoken feedback across your device.

Why Google Speech Services Problem Occurs ?

So, Recently Google Speech Services arrived a new Update. During this update this type of Problem occur. We can say that it’s communication Problem which will solved soon. But from google i think don’t resolve this But i have an solution for it.

So anyway

How to fix this issue? So let’s goto our tutorial…

So very simple method to fix this error is just open your settings menu so here you can locate.

1. “Google” settings And click to open it.

2. And scroll down And then click to open Settings For Google Apps

3. And it shows some more settings so here i try to access Search,Assistant & Voice

4. And the final one. So next you can goto “Voice” category

5. And finally click to open Offline speech recognition

6. And here i installed this following languages in my android mobile.

7. So here you can select “Auto – Update” Category And then choose Do not auto update languages

Once you select this option just close all the settings window. And one time restart your android mobile. So after the restarting is completed now you can try to tab your notification panel So i hope now this time it doesn’t shows that previously occurred notification. So anyway if may be this trick not works for you just force stop this application Speech Services by Google And this app is the main reason for that kind of notification. So anyway if you have any doubt just comment to me.

How to Force stop any application

When any application doesn’t perform properly. So why an application doesn’t work properly, instead of before some days that application works good. Actually the main reason is the owner of that application is give update to that application. Before update on any application it tested on that application called “Beta”. And during test the bugs and Glitches are arrived in the application. That’s why we faced a problem in that application and also it harms for our phone but not too much it,s light. That’s why we Forced Stop the application.

For this you have to

  1. Go to your Mobile settings
  2. Locate to Apllication Manager.

Now you can easily look for your application which you wants to Forced Stop.

3. Select that application

And Now you will see the Forced Stop option which is present at lower of name of that application.

So, I hope now you can freely use to your Phone without contain problem. and also now you are expert to change settings of that update and if you faced any problem regarding this setting s you can also contact me. My Instagram is linked below. Only DM me on instagram with that problem and i’ll try to solve your problem at that time.


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