How did Gord Lewis die? What Was His cause of death? Jonathan, the teenage son of Head guitarist, has been charged with murder

It is with first-rate unhappiness that the information of the dying of Gord Lewis, the founder and lead guitarist of Canadian punk band Teenage Head, is being reported. The musician turned into observed lifeless in his Hamilton condo on Sunday, August 7, 2022. (Gord Lewis’s death)

Gord Lewis death

According to the police, the death of the musician is being treated as murder. Gord becomes a remarkably respected member of the Hamilton Tune community, and his loss can be deeply felt by all who knew him. Our hearts are with his family and our circle of friends during this difficult time.

Lewis turned into now no longer simplest a skilled musician but additionally an extensively reputable parent withinside the punk scene.

He turned into recognized for his kindness and generosity and can be deeply overlooked by all who knew him. The suddenness of his death has come as a surprise to many, and it’s miles certain to have an enduring effect on the Canadian tune scene. RIP Gord Lewis.

What was the cause of death?

While the exact examples surrounding Lewis’ death are still unknown, his passing has left a huge void within the song community.

The tragic and unexpected death of the well-known Gord Lewis has left the nation stunned. The cherished big name ruthlessly turned to murder, and his son Jonathan turned into a second-diploma murder charge. News of the tragedy is currently going viral on social media and the internet as humans struggle to return to words with the shocking news.

His premature death has left a feeling of deep loss among many human beings. Jonathan Lewis, accused of murdering his father, is currently in police custody. The information related to the matter is not clear yet and what will emerge next will be a matter to be seen. One thing is for sure: Gord Lewis’ death has saddened and shattered all of us who knew him.

How did Gord Lewis die?

Well-known guitarist Gord Lewis passed away yesterday through police officers. After receiving a name from a group of activist members, officers went to test Lewis and, upon arrival, determined his body. The cause of death is yet to be ascertained, but police say it has signs and symptoms of disturbance.

A post-mortem is currently being conducted, and investigators hope it will provide some resolution on the matter. Gord’s son, Jonathan Lewis, is charged with her murder. Jonathan is forty-one years old. No information has been found in the investigation by the police.

Who is Gord Lewis?

Teenage Head is a Canadian punk rock group from Hamilton, Ontario, who was popular in Canada in the early 1980s.

The group was formed in Hamilton by Frankie Venom (Frank Kerr), Gord Lewis, Steve Mahone and Nick Stipanitz. Stiphanitz has since been replaced, and Venom died on 15 October 2008.

The band’s name is a reference to The Flaming Grooves’ 1971 album Teenage Head, which Gord Lewis saw advertised in a music magazine, but did not hear, and decided that he would, one day, form a band with that name.

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