How to become a hollister brand agent

Are you looking for information about how to become a Hollister brand agent? So, don’t worry because you are right place. In this article, I will show you How to become a Hollister brand agent.

hollister brand agent

Tips and Tricks for Hollister Brand Interview

So first inflation is very important. Because I would suggest you guys arrive five to ten minutes before. It will start it’s kind of like you are into the job. Not only being on time but even early you know what I mean.

It’s not only for Hollister but for all the jobs all the interviews should be like this is what to wear. So you don’t need to do it formally because it’s not a manager position.

hollister brand agent

It will be only one round take it easy by yourself. I would suggest you guys wear a casual style basically, just wear whatever you want. Just feel comfortable with that from my experience. I have seen a lot of people. Who got selected also wear jeans with a hoodie or a t-shirt normal one from Hollister that would be definitely amazing.

But don’t be surprised to come with say okay Tommy or Adidas or the brand you know. What I mean is that will be a bit weird right this is very important. Because I would suggest you guys do some research about the company.

Only a little bit actually you just like google it so let’s plug into questions tell me about yourself. This is a chance for you to interview yourself and also you can talk about your previous job. Your experience, Your hobby and what you’re interested in, and you can sell yourself a bit like. You love to work with people.

You are flexible you love fashion. If You are so motivated whatever just speak something like that so the next question will be like why do you want to work.

Hollister why do you want to work with us?

Say something about you have passion for the brand you are a customer you are a fan. You love the quality of the product. So we talk about your style you talk about your outfit how you communicate with people or customers.

hollister brand agent

And the question that mainly asked you why are you wearing this outfit today.

Sir is a chance for you to show us the skill. How to sell our jeans our teacher a hoodie to a customer and the way you approach the customer. The way you present our product to the customer. What you can say is about this is a comfy scene I love the colour.

I love the quality of the product it makes me look good and also comfortable. That’s why I pick it up it’s normal that everybody gonna feel nervous and excited. When we get an intro relax don’t be too nervous don’t speak too fast and not too slow. Then it’s a bit boring right it’s also happened to me as well. I feel nervous we feel like we’re so excited. I don’t know what to say also don’t forget to turn off your phone or put it on flight mode.

This is very important because when I got an intro my phone shakes all the time. I feel super nervous and I have to say sorry I need to turn up the phone. Because I forgot about that you just need to do well prepared then you will find try to be a good listener as well

so that’s it

I wish you guys lots of luck and thanks

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