How to Make MONEY on YOUTUBE in 2022

Hello friends!

I create Blog Articles and also make Videos on Youtube.

Today, I’d like to make a video on a personal topic. Not personal in the sense that you are expecting I’m talking about a “personal” video in the sense of my career. A question that I’ve been asked umpteen times by you and have requested me many times to make a video on this topic

And that topic is- How to make a video?

How does one become a Youtuber?

How to earn money from Youtube?

And how do I make these videos? What is the truth behind them?

Today, I’d like to tell you all about it. Shall we begin?

My Script

First of all, My scripts look somewhat like this- the script is of 10-12 pages. There are bullet points and paragraphs. There are sources beneath every sub topic and I read them, understand them and then make you understand them and this is why it takes me 3-4 hours to make a 10 minute video because I keep repeating the lines until I am satisfied that I have delivered them perfectly and that the lines convey exactly what. I want to say in a summarized manner. And this is why I’s like to say that when you make your own Youtube videos, there is no reason to get flustered if you stumble or say something wrong. You can take a re take. Let the camera run– That is what I do. The recording goes on and I keep on speaking until I am satisfied that I delivered the lines perfectly After that, I cut out that part that I don’t want and keep the part that I am satisfied with during editing. Editing is one of the most important aspects for a Youtuber If the editing is good, the video will do great and if the editing is sub par, then even a good content can perform not so well. You will get access to several free video editing apps on App store and Google Play store. But one of the best apps video editing, according to me is Kine Master. Let me give you a few editing tips, using this app It is very simple to use.

Video editing Application Kinemaster

For example, let me take any clip.First, choose the clip,You will see the editing option. Now, for the part I want to remove, I press edit split it and I can cut this part out very easily. A music would be nice for his clip. So, I’d add some music.Let’s see how it looks (and sounds). If I want the beat to overlap, I can move the sound clip around and place it. These sound waves tell you that the music here is changing slightly. You can resize it and decide where to place it in the video.

You can change the ratio here- a 16:9 ratio is used for shooting videos for Youtube. But for Instagram, the ratio is 1:1. You can easily change this on this app. This is something that is difficult to do in most video editing apps. Here, the watermark of the app is displayed. In most of the free video editing apps, there will be a water mark but, this watermark can be removed in this app.

If you want to use it, you can Download it from our site which is placed at the bottom. Editing is something that you will learn only through practice Experiment with it– where you should put some music and where you should cut the video and where the video should be sped up where effects should be added- go with your feelings. Think from a third person’s perspective and evaluate how fun it is to see the video and then decide how you should edit.

Lighting, filming, sound, video editing- I’ve covered all of them. But the most important thing for a Youtuber remains- his content. What type of content would you want to make if you wish to become a Youtuber? How will you decide what type of videos you should make and how will you excel in that?

The most important thing in content is uniqueness. How unique is your content? What most of the people do is look at a successful Youtuber like Technical Guruji and start making their own accounts names- Technical Rakesh, Technical Chintu, Technical Pintu.

But these channels will never become successful. because why would people want to watch you if you are making a copycat channel? The people would obviously prefer to watch Technical Guruji because he is original. He (as a channel is) larger than you and you are merely making his copy

so why would people prefer to watch you? There should be some uniqueness in your content By uniqueness, I do not mean that you will have to think of an entirely new thing. By uniqueness, I mean something fresh and different in your content. I am not saying that since Mumbaikar Nikhil and Flying Beast make vlogs, I cannot make them.

My vlogging channel has some unique things in different aspects. Similarly, there are some unique things in the vlogs Mumbaikar Nikhil– which are no there in mine. You can distinctly see how these contents are uniquely different on their own. Had I copied that style exactly, I would not have been successful. Similarly, when you make content, you will have to see what aspect can you be unique in. And to make any type of unique content, you either should have the talent for that or you would need to work hard but a combination of both works the best. Take my example– I feel that I am naturally talented in researching and analyzing and in videography and filmography. But public speaking was something I was not good at, naturally

How to speak in front of a camera. This is something I have learnt through hardwork and repeated practice. So a combination of all- public speaking, analysing, researching and videography when used together to make a video makes a very good one because it employs all these great skills. So, you too identify some skill sets that you are naturally good at and the ones that you want to become good at Practice and make yourself even better and then, you can create unique content combining all these different skill sets And finally, when you release your videos, consistency is very important for becoming a Youtuber. Keep releasing your videos regularly and with every video, try improving on little things As and when you release videos, you would do more and more practice, you would become better with practice. Do not think you will become perfect right with the first video.

Overall, I think I have covered all the aspects that you should know as a beginner to become a Youtuber. and to start your Youtube career. I hope you would have found this Article to be informative. Share it.

So, In the last, I hope you understand perfectly and if you wants to download KINEMASTER. Then the Download link is given below.

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