How to make world x rich boy reel | World x rich boy editing tutorial

Are you looking for trending instagram Reel which is world x rich boy. I know it’s too much trending on instagram reels and if you wan to make this type of reel Congrats you are at right place. With the help of our article You can easily make the world x rich boy trending video.

What is Instagram Reels and how is it works

Instagram has launched a new product called reels and it’s built right into the Instagram app. A reel is simply a short video anywhere from 3 to 59 seconds and reels live in a separate tab in your profile just like instagram tv videos. If you’re familiar with tick tock at all you’ll feel right at home with instagram reels. If not you can think of reels as another attempt by instagram to maintain dominance in the social video landscape.

Here’s how it works to access reels first make sure your instagram app is up to date mine is version (UPDATED) then open the stories camera. And you’ll notice the interface has been simplified a little bit. There are now three choice on the bottom you’ve got live you’ve got stories and you’ve got reels things like create boomerang super zoom and hands-free now all live under the story section.

When you select reels you’ll notice the controls that show up on the left side of the screen there are four actions here audio which lets you select a song from the instagram catalog of music choices speed control. How fast or slow your video records it ranges from 0.3 x to 3x effects the filters or lenses or whatever you want to call them. And you can record one clip with them and then select another and record another clip and repeat the process and don’t forget if you scroll all the way to the right you can access hundreds of new effects timer. You can select the duration you want a clip to record for and you’ll get a timer before it starts recording for you and it stops automatically and then there’s a line.

If you’re into transitions this is a useful tool if you use vine it’s like the ghosting tool. It shows you a sort of transparent still of your last recorded frame. So you can line yourself up perfectly for the next shot interestingly tiktok doesn’t have this in its top level controls and then of course the giant record button is front and center and yes you can zoom just by sliding your thumb up and down and it works just like every other social video camera you can also add media from your camera roll.

So yes you could theoretically just upload your tick tocks directly to instagram reels but remember reels can only be up to 59 seconds long where tick tocks can be up to a minute and here’s a tip if you’re using media from your camera roll. You can drag your finger across the screen to easily scrub through the video once you’ve got your reel recorded you can review your clips by pressing that back arrow and then you can tap through the clips like you can tap through instagram stories.

What is world x rich boy

Many people thinks, to make world x rich boy reel we have to learn any editing tutorial. It is totally wrong Because you don’t need to learn any type of tutorial. You have to only learn 2 simple steps which is not to do on other editing application. You have to only do these 2 steps on Instagram. But firstly let me tell you world x rich boy is a Instagram Filter which is also present on Instagram. You have to need only instagram Application and 1 Photo of yours which you are going to use and make a edit on it.

How to Make World X Rich Boy Reel On Instagram

First of all you have to find the World X rich Boy Filter/Effect on Instagram. For this you have to click on “World X Rich Boy Filter Button” which is present at the bottom.

Once you click on that button you will redirect to your Instagram with that reel.

Now you have to click on World x Rich Boy

Then You will see this type of interface on front of your screen

Then You have to click on Use effect

After click on Use effect, You will see this type of interface at your screen

Now you have to click on Add Media

After clicking on Add Media , You can use only Portrait Photo of yours. 9:16

Once you choose the portrait photo of yours then you have to record your video and the effect will automatically applied on your Photo.

You can Understand also by watching this video.

Instagram World’s X Rich boy Filter

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