How To Reset Your Instagram Explore Page/Feed in 2022

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Are you looking for reset your Explore page on Instagram. So, you are at right place i’ll show you, How to reset you Instagram explore Page.

This is Dheeraj Mehra and I will show you how to reset your Instagram explore page. Instagram’s explore page is individually
customized for every separate person. However, sometimes while browsing on Instagram’s explore page or feed, you may see strange or irrelevant content.

When you start seeing irrelevant content, it is a good sign that you need to reset your Instagram explore page. Then Instagram will remove all of its collected data and will start showing content related to your newest searches and entries.

Follow these steps to reset your Instagram explore page.

The easiest way to reset your Instagram explore page is to clear all of your Instagram’s search history. So, to do this, go to Instagram app and login
to your account if you haven’t already.

Tap on the menu icon at the top right corner. From the drop-down menu select “Settings”.

  • Select “Security”.
  • Now select “Search history”.
  • Click on “Clear all” at the top right corner.
  • Tap on “Clear all” again to confirm.
  • Done.

This will delete all of your search history and Instagram explore page will be reset consequently. I hope that this guide was helpful and you
were able to reset your Instagram explore page.

Once you complete this step Then you have to go your Instagram Explore Page and open that Posts which you don’t want to appear on Explore Page. After click on that post You have to click on 3 Dots which will shows at the right corner and select “Not Interested“. So after do on the each post which you don’t liked. Then you have to click on that Posts which you Liked and also want to watch on Explore Page. For this you have to click on Liked Post and then first of all Like That Post and Also Save that Post. For this you have to click on save button which shows at the Right Lower Corner of the Post. You have to Done with all of that Posts which you want to Appear on the Explore Page. And Now you have to Refresh the Explore page. And you will see the unwanted Posts are not Appear on the Explore page and the Liked Posts are Appearing on your Mobile Screen.

I hope now you are expert in Resetting of Instagram’s Explore Page and Explore feed. This is very easy but many people are not know this trick. Instagram also allows to that trick is Helpful for every person which is irritates from unwanted Posts (Photos,Videos and Reels). And if our Instagram Explore page suddenly open in front of our Belongings. Then we feels very embracing in front of our Belongings. For this you have to reset your Instagram Explore Page.

And if Don’t Understand yet, that How you can reset your Instagram’s Explore Page then you can also understand by this Video. This video is very Helpful if you’re really want reset your Instagram Explore Page. With the help of this video you can easily reset your Instagram Explore Page.

Thanks for choosing our site. I hope now you’re expert to resetting of explore page. And now you can also tell to your friends that “How you can easily Reset Instagram Explore page and Feed also.

How to reset your Reels Section

And many people are irritates with the unwanted reels, For that people i also recommends this trick only. Sorry this is not a trick. I think this a Great Method. For reset your Instagram Reels Feed, You have to Open your Reels Section and also you know very well stay on that reel which you don’t want to appear in front of you. For this you have to click on 3 Dots and click on “Not Interested”. You have to do same thing with all of that reels which you don’t want to watch in future.

And also that reels which you are like and also want to watch, For this you have to spend your maximum time on that reel (Full Watch). And also you have to like that reel, and comment on that reel and also you have to save that reel in your Instagram Saved Section. You have to do Same thing on that reels which you are liked and mostly want to watch in the Future. Do same thing with 8 – 10 Reels. Then you can refresh your Instagram Reels Section and you will see the reels appearing which you are recently liked means that type of reels are appearing on your mobile screen.

I hope this was helpful For You.

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