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judicial Officer is all over again withinside the headlines. He has been withinside the information ever the reason that the video that is viral on social media. Shortly after this, any other video of the Judicial Officers has long gone viral on social media.

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Judicial Officer Judge viral video on Twitter

If we are going to talk about the Judicial Officer viral video, So the suitable answer is, We are searching hard for the video but we do not get any results, There are lots of Youtube channels are claiming that the video clip is posted on several private websites.

What is the matter of the Judicial Officer?

The Delhi High Court on Wednesday issued directions to restrain social media platforms from sharing a pornographic video involving a Delhi district judge, which has gone viral over the past few days.

The female employee, who was allegedly a part of the video, had approached the Delhi High Court with an urgent petition against the violation of her privacy.

In this time of View, people only want to watch the particular video which was leaked.

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