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kim foxx chicago prosecutor

Kim Foxx Chicago prosecutor

A veteran Illinois prosecutor reportedly slammed Cook County State Attorney Kim Foxx in a scathing, office-wide resignation letter, saying his administration was “more of political narrative and agenda than prosecuting victims and violent crime.” more concerned about.”

According to a resignation letter obtained by Fox News, Assistant Cook County State Attorney Jim Murphy said he “cannot continue to work for an administration that I do not respect”.

Friday was Murphy’s last day after serving 25 years. He cited several reasons for his departure, including the “Safe-Tee Act,” which requires prosecutors to present a substantial burden of evidence to hold accused criminals until trial.

“I wish I could stay,” he wrote. “However, I can no longer work for this administration. I have zero faith in the leadership.”

Murphy, who supported the abolition of cash bail, also said that Foxx’s office made reforms and that his concerns were ignored. And he cited “alarmingly” low staffing levels in Foxx’s office, where one- or two-person courts are now common.

“If this administration was truly concerned with effectively fighting violent crime, they would fully staff those courts and units,” he wrote. “Meanwhile the rest of us are overworked, more stressed and less resourceful. But at least we were allowed to wear jeans in July.”

Foxx did not immediately return a message.

Who is Kim Foxx

Kimberly M. Foxx (née Anderson;[1] born April 4, 1972) is an American politician who is currently the State Attorney for Cook County, Illinois. She manages the second largest prosecutor’s office in the United States, consisting of approximately 700 attorneys and 1,100 employees. In 2016, she won the Democratic nomination for state attorney against Anita Alvarez and went on to win the general election. Proceed to She was re-elected in 2020.

kim foxx chicago prosecutor

Foxx ran for the state attorney’s office on a platform of criminal justice reform and is often called a “reformist”. “reform-minded” or “progressive” prosecutor. Along with such as Larry Krasner, Rachel Rollins, Chesa Boudin, and Aramis, among others. Is. Ayala, Kimberly Gardner, Diana Becton, and Satna DeBerry. Cecil A. She is the second African American to hold the position after the party.

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