Patrick Mahomes beer commercial 2022

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Patrick Mahomes beer commercial 2022

Patrick Mahomes Criticizes The NFL In A Beer Ad That Isn’t Really About Beer

NFL players are not allowed to appear in beer commercials, but Patrick Mahomes found a way around this rule.

If you’ve ever watched an NFL game, you may have noticed that there are usually dozens of beer ads displayed during each game. And rightly so: The NFL has a rule that prohibits active players from directly endorsing beer. never see
Players in beer commercials. How do get around this rule? They’re doing a beer ad that’s not really about beer, and that’s exactly what Patrick Mahomes did this week. The Chiefs quarterback partnered with Coors Light for a commercial. But since Mahomes couldn’t talk about Coors Light in the ad. He circumvented the NFL’s beer rule by taping an ad for a lantern. In the brightest lantern commercial of all time about beer. Coors had Mahomes film a commercial for a lantern that was designed to look like a Coors light can.

The best part of the ad is that the flashlights were actually on sale, but unfortunately for anyone reading this right now, you can’t buy one because they’re already sold out. The fact that they’re sold out is cool. , because all the proceeds from the lantern were donated to charity. Many were impressed by Mahomes’ ability to get around the NFL’s beer rule, and one such person was 49ers tight end George Kittel, who tweeted Mahomes. on Twitter.

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