Ricky Martin denies claims of “sexual and romantic relationship” with nephew, lawyer says; Hearing to be held in Puerto Rico later this month

Ricky Martin was in no way “dating sexually or romantically of any kind with his nephew,” a lawyer for the singer said Friday. After his client was accused of domestic abuse by a younger family member in Puerto Rico.

Ricky Martin Nephew

“Unfortunately, the person who made this claim suffers from profound intellectual aptitude challenges,” Martin’s attorney, Marty Singer, instructed Deadline today. The Hollywood heavyweight litigator said: “Ricky Martin, of course, is not concerned in any way. And by no means – with any sexual or romantic courtship with his nephew.” “The concept is not always the easiest untruth, it is blasphemy.”

“We all want this man to get the help he urgently needs,” Singer said. “But above all, we acknowledge that this very poor case must be discarded as soon as possible in order to study the facts.”

Who is Ricky Martin’s Nephew

Ricky Martin’s Nephew age is 21 years old according to the news. Ricky Martin had a relationship with his Nephew for a very long time. We did a lot of research about his Nephew but we did not get any satisfactory results. If get any results we will update this Post.

Who is Ricky Martin

Martin is the most featured male Latin artist with over 200 awards including a Grammy, 5 Latin Grammys, 5 MTV Video Music Awards and 3 Billboard Music Awards.

Ricky Martin Nephew

“Ricky Martin, of course, will never – and never will be – involved in any sort of sexual or romantic relationship with his nephew. This idea is not just false, it’s disgusting.”

The singer continued, “We all hope that this person gets the help he urgently needs. But most of all, we hope that this terrible case will be dropped once a judge has looked into the facts.”

According to Sanchez, Martin “experienced physical and psychological attacks” against him. Marka told that the family members were in a seven-month relationship which ended two months ago. Sanchez is believed to be the son of Martin’s half-sister.

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