Taiwanese overseas minister says China drills a part of a game-plan for invasion

TAIPEI, Aug 9 (Reuters) – Taiwan’s foreign minister said on Tuesday that China turned to US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s use of the issued naval exercise in protest against what was seen as a game-plan for the invasion. Self-dominated island.

Joseph Wu, who presented no time-desk for a possible invasion of Taiwan, which has been blamed by China, said Taiwan could no longer be intimidated, while exercises with China were routinely held. Taiwan breaches the unofficial midline under the strait.
Wu advised an information conference in Taipei, “China has used the exercises in its navy’s play-a-e-book to invade Taiwan.”

“It is carrying out large-scale naval sporting activities and missile launches, in addition to cyberattacks, propaganda and monetary pressure in an attempt to undermine public morale in Taiwan.

“After the exercise is over, China may attempt to regulate its pace in an attempt and tarnish its long-standing reputation throughout the Taiwan Straits.”
Such actions threatened local security and provided “a clearer picture of Taiwan’s past China’s geo-strategic goals”, Wu said, adding more global efforts to prevent China from effectively controlling the strait. solicited assistance.

China’s Taiwan Affairs Office responded to Wu’s remarks by declaring that he had become a “dead hard” supporter of Taiwan’s independence and that his remarks “distort the facts and make the facts difficult to understand”.

A Pentagon official said on Monday that Washington stuck to its assessment that China could no longer attempt to invade Taiwan for years to come.
Wu spoke as naval tensions eased after a scheduled recess on Sunday of 4 days of the biggest Chinese sporting activities around the island – exercises that blanket ballistic missile launches and the skies and seas around Taiwan. Simulates sea and air strikes within.

Pelosi said on Tuesday that her visit to Taiwan was “absolutely” worth it and hard harsh words for Beijing.

“We cannot allow the Chinese authorities to isolate Taiwan,” she said in an interview with NBC News. China controlled to exclude Taiwan from the World Health Organization, she said, but “they are no longer going to mention who can visit Taiwan.”

Her visit was accompanied by instructions from President Joe Biden that the United States could focus on the Asia-Pacific region and that there was heavy bipartisan support within the US Congress, she said.

China’s Eastern Theater Command said on Monday it could conduct joint exercises specializing in anti-submarine and maritime attack operations – confirming fears by some security analysts and diplomats that Beijing could pressure Taiwan’s defenses .

On Tuesday, the command said it was determined to hold naval exercises and sporting activities within the sea and airspace around Taiwan, with warships, warring parties as well as early warning, refueling and jamming aircraft. Joint control for refining and management under a complex electromagnetic environment”. capabilities”.

A character familiar with the plan to build defenses within Taiwan’s surrounding areas said that the standoff across the midline with respect to about 10 warships from China and Taiwan remains consistent.

“China tried to put pressure in the middle line,” the character advised Reuters. “Taiwanese forces were looking to keep global waterways open.”

Taiwan’s defense ministry said on Tuesday that China’s continued naval sports activities “are a light that its pressure is no longer likely to subside”, with sixteen Chinese warring parties crossing the midline of the Taiwan Strait at its northern end. had crossed.

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