Tulsa hospital shooting Photos and CCTV Footage

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Wednesday saw another deadly mass shooting in the u.s this time at a hospital in Tulsa Oklahoma.

According to Tulsa police a man. With a rifle entered saint Francis hospital and started opening fire. They heard the gunshots from her supervisor and one other lady.

You know listened to the gunshots and they locked down immediately. It wasn’t on their floor but they did hear them. They said it was you know it was loud enough to hear and it was downstairs from them.

The suspect, that was armed with a rifle and a handgun, was also killed during the attack at the St. Francis Health System hospital campus, police said.(Tulsa hospital shooting)

“Right now we’ve four civilians that are dead, we’ve got one shooter that’s dead, and without delay. They believe that’s self-inflicted,” Tulsa local department Deputy Chief Eric Dalgleish.

Earlier, Tulsa police Captain Richard Meulenberg said officers were treating the scene as “catastrophic,” with “several” people shot and “multiple injuries.”

It was not clear how many other people might have been injured.

Dalgleish said the entire assault from the moment emergency calls came to the time officers engaged the shooter lasted about four minutes.

US President Joe Biden has been briefed on the Tulsa shooting, the White House said in a statement, adding that the administration has offered support to local officials.

Tulsa hospital shooting dead photos and videos
Tulsa hospital shooting

He said officers responded immediately after emergency calls came therein. A shooter had reached the second floor of a clinic attached to St. Francis. Police went floor by floor, room by room in a shot to clear the building. During what authorities described as an energetic shooter situation.

Some key federal lawmakers have also voiced cautious optimism and a bipartisan group of senators worked through the weekend to pursue possible areas of compromise.

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