15-Year-Old Dies In Shooting Outside Juneteenth Event

By: Dheeraj Mehra

The city of Washington DC reported several separate incidents of shooting on Sunday (local time).

A police officer of the Metropolitan Police Department along with several other people were shot outside an event commemorating the Juneteenth celebrations.

Robert J. Contee III, the MPD chief, said that a teenager died and two other persons along with the cop were injured.

He said that police officers found more than two illegal firearms in the area. There was no exchange of gunfire.

He said that the police officer will recover and the other two people injured are in stable condition. He added that a handgun was used in the attack.

The Metropolitan Police Department (MPD)said that it is monitoring the situation in a tweet.

“MPD is responding to the area of 14th and U Street, NW, for a shooting incident in which multiple people have been shot

Robert J. Contee III, MPD Chief, said that event was unpermitted from the very start.

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