Who is the RICHEST member of BTS

By: Dheeraj Mehra

Well, as a band, BTS can be called rich, but every Army has their own bias or favorite member,....

.....and there are multiple factors contributing to it like the skill sets they possess, roles they perform, social media presence, live performance skills and many more.

Based on that, their net worth also varies as they get various endorsements and share in the success based on the roles they play, and that is fair as all five fingers cannot be equal.

Though all the members fall within the $20 million to $35 million range, let us see who is the richest member of BTS.


Being one of the richest members not just because of the success of his latest solo but his overall skills, J-Hope is an all-rounder in the group.

His net worth is estimated to be around $34 million.

He has also independently patented around 130 raps to his name and that makes his net worth around $31 million.


Suga writes songs outside of Korea for multiple countries and has 70 works to his name. This makes his net worth around $30 million.


He is also loved for his voice and the impossible high pitch notes he otherwise performs with ease. This overall fame and international presence of his put him at number four with a net worth of around $27 million.


He is multi-talented and has a lot of potential to rise up once he does make his own Mixtape which fans are waiting for. But for now, his net worth stands at around $26 million.


He has already done a few roles in Historical Korean dramas, but we are hoping to see him more in BTS for the perfect blend of happy drama he adds to the band. His net worth stands at $26 million.


His ability to give presence to BTS worldwide and be their guardian as he is the oldest member puts his net worth at $25 million.


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