Kyrie Irving has a net worth of $90 million and his new $3.7 million

By: Dheeraj Mehra

Amid all the chaos in Brooklyn, Kyrie Irving isn’t bothered about anything but how he can make it evident that he just wants to play for the Lakers.

Irving to Los Angeles is all but done. The Nets and the Lakers might still be going through about how it should be done but the day is nearing that we would see the $36.9 million man landing in LA.

There are still plenty of teams interested in getting the 30-year-old point guard’s services both in the Eastern and Western Conferences.

The Philadelphia 76ers and the Dallas Mavericks are some of them if rumours are to be believed.

But the presence of ball-dominant players like James Harden and Luka Doncic in those teams might come in the way of how he operates.

And no championship-contending team would risk having that troublesome guy with an upset mood about how he should be playing.

Also, the 7x All-Star has clearly made up his mind about where he wants to live and play and if his club hasn’t started doing their due diligence he has taken a step towards it, and a major one.

Kyrie Irving has purchased a $3.7 million mansion in LA

Irving started planting seeds about whom he wants to play with following their first-round premature exit from the 2022 Playoffs.

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