Princess Diana facts about her childhood

By: Dheeraj Mehra

– The fourth season of The Crown follows Diana Spencer and Charles's whirlwind courtship, and its long-lasting ramifications.

– Diana was born to an aristocratic family in England.

– Here's what we know about Diana's upbringing—from her parents' divorce to her family's connections to the royal family.

The whirlwind courtship (13 whole dates!), the show-stopping wedding, the dramatic divorce, and her death.

Diana is often remembered for everything that happened after her meeting with Prince Charles:

But when Diana first appears in season 4 of The Crown, she's still in her schoolgirl days.

Born to two wealthy parents on July 1, 1961, Lady Diana Spencer grew up adjacent to the aristocracy.

Though she first met Prince Charles at the age of 16, she knew many people in his family: Queen Elizabeth II was her brother's godmother, and she played with Charles's brothers as a child. According to an anecdote from Tina Brown's, The Diana Chronicles, Charles, then 17, once interrupted five-year-old Diana's "tea party" with Andrew.

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