Suni Lee's ceremonial first pitch at Minnesota Twins game will freak you out

By: Dheeraj Mehra

Olympic gold medalist Suni Lee threw the ceremonial first pitch at the Minnesota Twins game, and she flipped!

The 19-year-old gymnast showed off her skills on the mound Friday night for a Blue Jays-Twins game at Target Field in Minneapolis.

...and wowed the crowd when she flipped from the mound before throwing out the pitch. Lee donned a customized Twins jersey, denim shorts and white kicks for the occasion.

The crowd really enjoyed the performance, as Lee's flip was followed by an audible "oooh".

After the pitch was thrown out, Lee called on twin pitcher Caleb Thielbar and team mascot, C.T. Bear, met him for a picture.

Major League Baseball's verified Twitter account was still affected by Saturday's performance.

"We are still flipping on @sunisalee_'s first pitch last night," the account tweeted.

The team's Twitter account also tweeted the picture and wrote, "A pretty flipping for good first pitch by @sunisalee_!!!"

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