What does bunya mean in aboriginal

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bunya mean in aboriginal

Bunya means aboriginal

Defination of Bunya Bunya:

An Australian coniferous tree (Araucaria bidwillii) bearing seeds about two inches long that have a roasted chestnut flavour when ripe and is the staple food of Aborigines among whom the tree is the hereditary property and is protected by law.

Meaning of Bunya

A tall dome-shaped Australian coniferous tree, Araucaria bidwillii, having edible cones (banya nut) and thickly flattened needles Also called: banya-bunya, and banya-bunya pine.


  1. Generally, bunya is used to describe the native grain dealer in Bengal.
  2. There was also individual ownership of bunya-bunya trees among the Turribul; they too passed from father to son34.
  3. They encountered the bunya-bunya, a species of pine, which was remarkable.

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