Wuthering Heights 2009 Watch Online English Subtitles

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Wuthering Heights 2009

About Wuthering Heights 2009 Movie

Faced with warnings not to exceed the limits of her father Edgar Linton’s estate, young Catherine discovers her attractive, but sick cousin and manly Harton, the sons of the wealthy Heathcliff’s merciless disdain and abuse on the Earnshaw estate. It launches a flashback to how Heathcliff was raised as Cathy’s best friend by her kind-hearted father, Mr Earnshaw. After his death, the son and heir returned from boarding school, married, and, enduring constant abuse, reduced Heathcliff to the rank of stable boy to be with Kathy. After a casual meeting with the elegant gentleman Edgar Linton, she falls in love. To Hindley’s delight, this drives Heathcliff away. [Part II] A day after Cathy married Edgar, three years later, Heathcliff returned rich enough to buy the property. He takes revenge, which brings misery to all instead of satisfaction. After the death of Cathy and later Edgar, their disdain includes the next generation, who nonetheless find each other striving for great values.

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Wuthering Heights 2009 Watch Online English Subtitles

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