Ak Bandamont age, Wiki, Instagram, Net worth, real name and more. (2023)

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Ak Bandamont age

How old is Ak Bandamont in 2023? Ak Bandamont is not Public on social media. But he looks like 28 – 30 years old.

Who is Ak Bandamont? (Biography)

Ak Bandamont is an American musical artist and singer who is well known for his popular song, including AK Bandamont: Crack Music (2020), AK Bandamont: Innovative (2023) and Rio da Yung OG feat. AK Bandamont: 100 Bars (2019).

Real nameNot Public.
Birthin the United States.
RelationshipNot Public
Parents / SiblingsNot Public.
Net worth$100K+ US dollar (Approx)

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Ak Bandamont Current Resident

Where is AK Bandamont from? Ak Bandamont is from the Grand Rapids, Michigan, United States.

Ak Bandamont Twitter(@AKbandamont)

Stay connected with AK Bandamont on Twitter: @AKbandamont. Using the hashtag #GetBandsALOT, he’s been sharing his journey since June 2013, adding a unique voice from Grand Rapids. With 1,278 followers, he stays selective in his followers. He’s shared 98 media, showing videos and photos that give a peek into his world. From music to personal snapshots, AK Bandamont’s Twitter is where you’ll find his creativity and his one-of-a-kind style shining brightly.

Ak Bandamont Instagram (@akbandamontt_gba)

AK Bandamont, Hailing from the vibrant streets of Grand Rapids, Michigan, has quickly become a big name in the local music scene. From his earlier street reputation, he’s now a dedicated and impressive musician. His journey to music fame in West Michigan got a boost from his ‘Maintaining Drug Houses’ mixtape with Rio Da Yung OG. With strong lyrics and hard work, AK Bandamont has made a name for himself. He stands out with his dedication to music, captivating audiences with his unique style. Through ups and downs, AK shows the power of determination and growth, making him a major musical force in the region and beyond.

Ak Bandamont Youtube(@Ak Bandamont)

Explore AK Bandamont’s vibrant YouTube presence! With a dedicated fan base of 29.1K subscribers and an impressive collection of 150 videos, his channel is a center of creativity and interaction. The total views for his videos have reached an incredible 19,934,362, showcasing the captivating appeal of his content. Whether it’s music, storytelling, or other forms of expression, AK Bandamont has effectively crafted a digital space that connects with his audience, highlighting his significant influence in the online world.

  • He began his Youtube channel in 22nd December 2011.
  • His channel monthly is gained 600 subscribers and the views rate is 508.77K.
  • His monthly earning from his Youtube channel is $131  –  $2.1K US Dollar.
  • His yearly earning from his Youtube channel is $1.6K  –  $25.1K US Dollar.
  • He completes his 10K subscribers on his Youtube channel on April 2021.
  • He completes his 20K subscribers on his Youtube channel on August 2022.
  • He completes his 1m Video views on his Youtube channel on September 2020.
  • He completes his 5m Video views on his Youtube channel on July 2021.
  • He completes his 10m Video views on his Youtube channel on April 2022.
  • He completes his 15m Video views on his Youtube channel on December 2022.
  • His channel Most viewed video is “AK Bandamont x Teejayx6 x Kasher Quon – DYNAMIC TRIO (Official Music Video PROD BABYONTHETRACK)” which got the 808K+ views.

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In conclusion, AK Bandamont is emerging as a rising star in music, hailing from the streets of Grand Rapids. While key details like age, real name, and net worth are undisclosed, his commitment shines through his strong online presence. With a substantial following on platforms like Twitter and YouTube, he flaunts his distinct style and creativity. Collaborations and captivating content mark his journey, showcasing his transformation from street life to a remarkable musician. As he continues to make his mark in the industry, AK Bandamont’s story embodies determination, growth, and the impactful force of artistry.

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