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VN Video Editor is a multimedia editing application which provides users an easy way to produce videos. This is free video editing software comes with very easy and trending features you will only need firs create the video with your smart phone or camera and then go to VN video editor and edit any video. It also offers a friendly  for both beginners and professionals. Best of all, your edited videos are without watermarks. Be careful with using transitions, though, as it sometimes causes a gap between the video and the audio.


VN video editor available with all the features and upcoming features you only need to create video and then edit any video. It has many basic functions, such as trim and cut, cropping, zooming, splitting, and even deleting. You can do all these by tapping the clip and clicking the corresponding button at the bottom of the screen. The app also boasts cool video effects, including more than 60 filters and 21 transitions. Be careful in applying transitions though as it can affect your output. In this application You can add your filters,fonts,colour effects externely.


  • This is a complete VN Video
    Editor Tutorial for beginners,with everything you need to know, all the key features and a ton of video editing tips to get you cutting videos like a pro with the VN app on your iPhone, Android or Mac fast.

Hey, it’s Dheeraj Mehra
here from Primal Video,where we help you grow an audience and scale your revenue with online video.

VN Video Editor also known as Vlog Now recently took out the best all-rounder ranking
for our best video editing apps on Android and best video editing apps on iPhone videos.
And it also got a solid mention in our Mac video editing software roundup for 2021 as well.

We thought it deserved a
full step-by-step tutorial whether you have the Android install
there is a windows version coming soon. There’s also a workaround right now where you can install VN Video Editor on Windows, but it does run through an emulator. It doesn’t run as well,

We call it the Primal Video Method and you can download your copy of this process

Right, here we are in VN Video Editor but the process is gonna be exactly the same if you’re on an iPhone, an Android phone or Android tablet or even a desktop, because this app is cross-platform cross-device compatible.

So, this is the first thing you’ll see when you open up the app, you just wanna go down to the bottom here to the plus
to create a new project. and then from here it’s gonna ask you to import your primary video footage.

Now you could pick all the clips that you wanna use in your edit here and now but what I prefer to do is just pick the primary footage and then we can add in the rest, any B-roll or overlay clips a little bit later on.

If I click up here, then I can choose other folders that are on my device or because I am on an iPad,
if I wanna find other files that are saved on the iPad I can come up here to these three little dots
and select here, import from file app. So, we’re gonna go ahead now and select my primary camera footage, which i0s this one here and hit the little arrow and that is then imported into our project.

So, this is the VN Video Editor interface. Up here we can switch what our video format is going to be.

You can see just leaving it as original, it’s going to create a project based on whatever your primary footage is,
so in our case, it’s a widescreen video.

But in here we’ve got all the different formats that you can select for the different types of videos. So, we’re gonna go ahead and leave this one here
as original.
So, this here is our preview window. This is where we can play back and preview our video. This area down the bottom here is your editing timeline. You can see we’ve got different tracks here for adding audio, titles, graphics and footage and things. All of this is accessible down here.

We’ve got some playback controls here
to either play our video back, jump to the end of our video, also jump back to the start at any point. Now the timeline itself, you can scroll across either by tapping and swiping on your device or clicking and dragging if you’re on a computer
or if you’re using a keyboard, you can zoom in and out using command plus and minus or control plus and minus if you’re on Windows and then down the bottom here is where you can access all the different tools and filters and effects and things to actually edit your video down.

All right, so we’ve got our primary footage down here

You can also understand by watching this video

Latest UpdateDec of 21,2021
OSAndroid 9.0

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Do you know about VN filter which is add externally as your desire?

In VN application you found various type of features which helps us to improve our editing skills.


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