How to hide photos in Samsung a10s

Hey Guys, Today I will show you How to die Photos in Samsung a10s. This is very easy to hide all of your photos or video in the Samsung a10s.

So, I will show in 3 steps only on your device which is the Samsung a10s.

Before I started the tutorial Please sure that, Is your device is also a Samsung a10s Because this tutorial is only for those users who have a Samsung a10s device. So I will show you all the specifications of the Samsung a10s. (How to hide photos in Samsung a10s)

How to hide photos in Samsung a10s

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How to hide photos in Samsung a10

So Let’s begin the Tutorial

  1. Go to your phone Gallery/Albums
  2. Click on the 3 dots which are shown in the Right-top corner.
  3. Click on Albums.
  4. Create Album with a specific name.
  5. Mark/Select the photos which you want to Hide.
  6. Move in your recently created Album.
  7. Click on 3 dots again in your albums.
  8. Click on Hide or Unhide.
  9. Select that album which you recently created.
  10. Then you will see your photos are not visible in you Gallery/Albums.

If you are trying to hide your videos in Samsung a10s. The process of hiding videos is also the same as hiding Photos. So you have to do the same process again to hide your videos on the Samsung a10s device.

Thanks for choosing our site. If you have any doubts related to the hiding photos on your device. Then you can freely comment on this post to resolve your doubts.

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