How to see bomb photo on Instagram again

Hey, are you looking for how we can see again Instagram bomb picture or disappearing picture? So, don’t worry, because you are in the right spot. In this article, we are going to talk about how you can reopen the disappear photo on Instagram.

 see bomb photo again

Can we see disappear Photos or Videos after sending them?

You can’t see disappearing photos or videos after they’ve been sent, but you can see if they were delivered, opened, replayed, or if someone took a screenshot.
After sending a disappearing picture or video to someone, you can view the message’s reputation (example: deliver, open, replay, screenshot) as part of your verbal exchange in Direct. For the institution’s interaction, tap in which asks for the reputation of your message to demonstrate your reputation personally with all of us within the institution.

 see bomb photo again

How to recover disappearing photos on Instagram messages

So, if we talk honestly, the suitable answer is NO, you cannot reopen the bomb picture or Disappearing photo. Because Instagram doesn’t allow us to see disappearing photos again. But there are many tricks to reopen the bomb picture.

Step – 1

Open your Instagram and go to that specific person’s chat section where he/she sends you a bomb picture.

Step -2

You have to recognize the message. you will see, on the disappearing photo, an icon will appear like this. which is a view photo. Now you understand, this photo can only see for a single time. You have only one opportunity to watch it.

 see bomb photo again

Step – 3

Before opening the disappearing photo, You have to be ready with a trick, which is Screenshot, Yes here you can take a screenshot of that photo. This is the right way to see disappearing photos again and again.

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