How to Share a Video from Telegram to WhatsApp

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Share a Video from Telegram to WhatsApp

Telegram Messenger app is not as popular as WhatsApp but still the features provided through it are better than WhatsApp, especially the ability of group chat and privacy. Telegram also allows its users to send up to 1GB of documents, which is another reason why people are moving from WhatsApp to Telegram. Like WhatsApp Telegram app also allows users to share pictures, videos, documents, audio documents, locations and contacts. But still, it is very difficult for a consumer to leave WhatsApp completely and go to Telegram as most of our friends and other contacts are still on WhatsApp. Now, the problem is that you usually want to send WhatsApp messages to Telegram or percent Telegram media to WhatsApp which is not feasible without delay due to the one-of-a-kind structure of those apps. But you can percentage documents from Telegram to WhatsApp or vice versa and here is the way.

  1. Go to your Telegram App.
  2. Open the Chat from where you want to share the Picture.
  3. Tap on the image which you want to download first to save it on your Telegram account.
  4. Now tap on the picture you want to share.
  5. You will see a full-screen picture and also a share icon on the bottom right side of the screen.
  6. Tap on the share icon.
  7. All apps such as WhatsApp, Gmail, Facebook, Messenger, and other platforms icons will appear where a person can share media files.
  8. Now select the WhatsApp icon.
  9. Select the WhatsApp contact to whom you want to share the picture.
  10. And tap on the send button of WhatsApp.

How to Share Video, Music & document files from Telegram to WhatsApp

  1. Open the Chat on Telegram.
  2. Identify the Music, video, or other files you want to share from Telegram to WhatsApp.
  3. Tap on the Video, APK file, Music, or document which you want to download first to save it on your Telegram account.
  4. Now, tap on the three dots given in the right top corner of the Video, music, or document files.
  5. You will see a pop-up menu, select the share option.
  6. A list of all apps where you can share the video, music, and files will appear including WhatsApp and Telegram.
  7. Tap on the WhatsApp icon.
  8. Select the WhatsApp contact with whom you want to share the Music or transfer the Document file.

In this way, you can share media files from Telegram to other Apps even to Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, Gmail and more…

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