How to Viral your Instagram Reels?(1 million views in a Day)

About Instagram Reels and How it is Works?

Instagram has launched a new product called reels and it’s built right into the Instagram app. A reel is simply a short video anywhere from 3 to 59 seconds and reels live in a separate tab in your profile just like instagram tv videos. If you’re familiar with tick tock at all you’ll feel right at home with instagram reels. If not you can think of reels as another attempt by instagram to maintain dominance in the social video landscape.

Here’s how it works to access reels first make sure your instagram app is up to date mine is version (UPDATED) then open the stories camera. And you’ll notice the interface has been simplified a little bit. There are now three choice on the bottom you’ve got live you’ve got stories and you’ve got reels things like create boomerang super zoom and hands-free now all live under the story section.

When you select reels you’ll notice the controls that show up on the left side of the screen there are four actions here audio which lets you select a song from the instagram catalog of music choices speed control. How fast or slow your video records it ranges from 0.3 x to 3x effects the filters or lenses or whatever you want to call them. And you can record one clip with them and then select another and record another clip and repeat the process and don’t forget if you scroll all the way to the right you can access hundreds of new effects timer. You can select the duration you want a clip to record for and you’ll get a timer before it starts recording for you and it stops automatically and then there’s a line.

If you’re into transitions this is a useful tool if you use vine it’s like the ghosting tool. It shows you a sort of transparent still of your last recorded frame. So you can line yourself up perfectly for the next shot interestingly tiktok doesn’t have this in its top level controls and then of course the giant record button is front and center and yes you can zoom just by sliding your thumb up and down and it works just like every other social video camera you can also add media from your camera roll.

So yes you could theoretically just upload your tick tocks directly to instagram reels but remember reels can only be up to 59 seconds long where tick tocks can be up to a minute and here’s a tip if you’re using media from your camera roll. You can drag your finger across the screen to easily scrub through the video once you’ve got your reel recorded you can review your clips by pressing that back arrow and then you can tap through the clips like you can tap through instagram stories.

How you can increase the Views of Instgram Reels?

  • Choose a perfect niche (category) where you can easily work on it and also have knowledge of that category.
  • Try to upload 4 reels in a week.
  • Maintain consistency.
  • Avoid Third party applications which helps to increase fake views on Reels.
  • Try to finish your reel in 10-15 sec.
  • Try to give suspense in first 3 sec. of your Reel.
  • Try to make Transition reel which is very Trending on Instagram Reels .
  • Follow all the trends on reels.
  • Use trending audio.
  • Make your own video an don’t include any watermark in your video like tiktok etc.
  • Try to Add text in your reel.
  • Use viral elements.
  • Use Hashtags to promote your reel video.
  • Share your reel to Instagram feed and stories also.

Keep Size in mind of Instagram Reels

Once you Know all about reels, You have to also know about the size/ratio of reels

Reels video is running in your Phone and you are also noticing that the reel video is whole fitted in your Mobile Screen and our mobile screen is 9:16. When you are going to record the reel in your camera of your Phone. Keep in mind your Camera resolution is setted up to 9:16 which is also called Full screen.

Which Hashtags we have to use for a Reel?

It is all depend on your Reels Category.

For example your Reels Category is related to Photography. So you should try Hashtags related to Photography.

And also mention that things which is present in your video.

For example You are making a video on Hills and then you have to also mention that things which is included in the video through Hashtags like

  • #Mountains
  • #Hills
  • #Rivers
  • #Streams
  • #greenery
  • etc.

Follow Trends on Instagram Reels

It is my Favourite Trick to grow Views on Instagram Reels Because when we upload content on trending topics. Our Topic is Ranked very Fastly because of trends. Because everyone wants to watch Trends and if your content related to trend then you will know how your content have speed up

Now how you can find What trend running on reels so for this you have to watch reel for 10 min. And a reel which is shows again and again now you can understand this video or audio is in trend so you have to also make video on that trend.

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