Who is the Number 1 Moto Vlogger in Jammu and Kashmir

In this article, you will read who is the Number 1 Moto Vlogger in Jammu and Kashmir. so come with us and let’s explore.

Aamir Majid is the top moto vlogger in Jammu and Kashmir and a popular Indian YouTuber, vlogger, actor, model, social media influencer, and internet personality from Jammu, India. He became famous for his Moto vlogging videos and is highly regarded among India’s best bikers and Moto vloggers. Aamir began his YouTube channel in 2018 as a hobby and quickly gained a large following.

Number 1 Moto Vlogger in Jammu and Kashmir

Amir Majid Biography

Aamir Majid is a popular Indian YouTuber, vlogger, and moto vlogger hailing from Jammu, India. Known for his engaging and entertaining content, Aamir has gained a significant following through his videos related to travel, lifestyle, and food. He was born on 9 August 2001.

He started his YouTube channel as a hobby in 2018 and quickly rose to prominence in the Indian YouTube community. Aamir is considered one of the top bikers and moto vloggers in the country.

With over 2.52 million subscribers, he is the first YouTuber from Jammu and Kashmir to achieve such a milestone. Aamir’s charismatic presence, coupled with his passion for biking and exploration, has made him a beloved figure in the online space.

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Pet/Nick NameAmir
Profession/OccupationYouTuber, Actor, Model & Moto-Vlogger, Social Media Influencer
Famous ForVlogging While Riding in a Motorbike (Moto Vlogging)
Birth Date9 August 2001
Age22 Years (As in 2023)
Birth PlaceJammu, India
ResidenceJammu City

Aamir Majid’s Net Worth

Aamir Majid is a popular YouTuber from India known for his entertaining videos about travel, lifestyle, and food. As of my knowledge cutoff in 2023, his net worth is estimated to be around 90 lakhs (9 million Indian Rupees).

Regarding cars and bikes, I don’t have information about Aamir Majid’s personal collection or preferences. However, in his videos, he has featured luxurious and expensive cars like the Lamborghini Huracan, Ferrari 458 Spider, and Mercedes-Benz S-Class. He has also been seen riding bikes such as the Yamaha R1 and BMW S1000RR. It’s important to note that these vehicles may not be owned by Aamir Majid and could be arranged for promotions or rented.


Who is the number 1 moto vlogger in Jammu and Kashmir (JK)?

Aamir Majid is considered the number 1 moto vlogger in Jammu and Kashmir.

What makes Aamir Majid the top moto vlogger in JK?

Aamir Majid gained popularity and recognition through his engaging moto vlogging videos, which have attracted a large audience and garnered a significant following. His entertaining content, passion for biking, and unique style have contributed to his status as the top moto vlogger in JK.

Where can I find Aamir Majid’s Moto vlogging videos?

Aamir Majid’s moto vlogging videos can be found on his YouTube channel. You can search for his channel by his name, “Aamir Majid,” and explore his content related to biking, travel, and other interesting topics.

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