What is Puneet Superstar Net Worth in Rupees?

In this Article, we Will discover What is Puneet Superstar Net Worth in Rupees?

Puneet Superstar, also known as Prakash Kumar, is a famous social media personality and online sensation. He was born in 1975 and is currently 47 years old, residing in New Delhi, India. Puneet Superstar follows Hinduism and holds Indian nationality, reflecting his strong connection to his cultural heritage.

Puneet Superstar Net Worth

With his funny content and charming personality, Puneet Superstar has won the hearts of a large audience. He has gained a substantial following and appreciation for his entertaining short videos, reels, and memes that resonate with viewers. His unique talent for entertaining and engaging his audience has earned him the affectionate nickname “Lord Puneet.”

NamePuneet Superstar
Real NamePrakash Kumar
Date of Birth1975
ResidenceNew Delhi, India
OccupationSocial media personality
Content TypeShort videos, reels, memes
Claim to FameContent-Type
NicknameLord Puneet
HeightA viral video with an intense outburst
Hair ColorBlack
Eye ColorBlack
Notable FeatureCharismatic persona
PhilanthropyActive involvement in assisting others

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Puneet Superstar Net Worth

Puneet Superstar Net Worth in Rupees

Puneet, the famous online personality, has accumulated significant wealth through various means. He possesses valuable assets, including a Bullet motorcycle worth 1.8 lakhs INR, a Maruti Suzuki S Presso worth 5.03 lakhs INR, a Scooty valued at 83 thousand INR, and a home worth 10 lakhs INR.

The primary source of Puneet’s income stems from his YouTube channel, where he earns an annual salary ranging from 20 to 24 lakhs INR. This income includes earnings from brand promotions. Additionally, Puneet generates approximately 10 to 15 lakhs INR per year through his Instagram account, thanks to his substantial number of followers.

Puneet Superstar’s primary source of income stems from his Instagram account. He uploads 10-15 reels per day, and half of them are paid partnerships with brands, which earns him a decent amount. Additionally, Puneet earns birthday wishes on Instagram by creating reels dedicated to individuals’ birthdays and sending them well wishes. This process also generates income as people directly pay him to upload reels announcing their birthdays.

AssetsValue (in INR)
Bullet motorcycle1,80,000
Maruti Suzuki Swift car5,03,000
Puneet Superstar Net Worth

Puneet Superstar Wife

During Bigg Boss OTT Season 2, Puneet Superstar openly discussed his personal life. When Cyrus brought up the topic of his virginity, Puneet replied, “I am not married and don’t have a girlfriend.” When further asked if he had ever engaged in sexual activity, Puneet confidently stated, “No, I have never had sex. I am a virgin.”

How Puneet Superstar got famous

Puneet Kumar became immensely popular after a video of him loudly shouting while riding as a pillion on a bike went viral. His intense and distinctive outburst caught the attention of the online community, resulting in the creation of many memes.


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What are some of Puneet Superstar’s valuable assets?

Puneet Superstar owns valuable assets such as a Bullet motorcycle worth 1.8 lakhs INR, a Maruti Suzuki S PResso car worth 5.03 lakhs INR, a Scooty valued at 83 thousand INR, and a home worth 10 lakhs INR.

What is the real name of Puneet Superstar?

Puneet Superstar’s real name is Prakash Kumar.

When was Puneet Superstar born?

Puneet Superstar was born in 1975.

How old is Puneet Superstar?

As of the current year, Puneet Superstar is 47 years old.

Where does Puneet Superstar reside?

Puneet Superstar resides in New Delhi, India.

What is Puneet Superstar’s nationality?

Puneet Superstar holds Indian nationality.

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