Surbhi Chandna’s Boyfriend Name Revealed: Meet Karnn R. Sharma

In this Article, we Will discover Surbhi Chandna’s Boyfriend’s Name and much more about her, her Boyfriend, and also their Relationship.

Television actress Surbhi Chandna, who is well-known for her roles in popular shows like “Ishqbaaz,” “Sanjivani,” and “Naagin 5,” has officially confirmed her relationship with businessman Karnn R. Sharma.

Despite the curiosity of fans and media, Surbhi has chosen to keep her personal life private. However, on September 9, which also happened to be Karnn’s birthday, Surbhi pleasantly surprised her fans by sharing a particular birthday post featuring both of them together.

Now let’s learn more about Surbhi Chandna’s boyfriend, Karnn R. Sharma.

Surbhi Chandna's Boyfriend Name

The Birthday Post

Surbhi Chandna posted a picture on Instagram featuring herself and Karnn R. Sharma. They both looked happy and vibrant in the photo. Surbhi wore a yellow outfit, while Karnn opted for a white t-shirt.

The caption of the picture said, “9.09.2021 #14 #BirthdayBoy 🧿,” with an infinity emoji, which grabbed everyone’s attention.

Surbhi’s close friends, including Mansi Srivastava, Munisha Khatwani, Mreenal Deshraj, and Sayantani Ghosh, showered their heartfelt birthday wishes, and fans expressed their adoration.

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Surbhi Chandna's Boyfriend Name

Who is Karnn R. Sharma?

Karnn R. Sharma is a businessman who prefers to keep a low profile in the media. Not much information is available about his professional background and endeavors.

However, his Instagram account shows his close bond with Surbhi Chandna. One of his posts features a picture of them together, with a caption expressing, “No Measure Of Time With You Will Be Long Enough. But We’ll Start With Forever.”

This heartfelt post indicates the strong connection and commitment they share in their relationship.

NameKarnn R. Sharma
RelationshipSurbhi Chandna
Public PresenceLow
Social MediaInstagram: @karnnsharma

Keeping Their Relationship Private

Surbhi Chandna has always been secretive about her personal life, especially her romantic relationships. She chooses to keep her relationship with Karnn R. Sharma private and does not discuss it in public.

Surbhi had previously posted pictures on Karnn’s birthday but later deleted them, emphasizing her desire for privacy.

However, Surbhi surprised her fans this year by sharing a birthday post for Karnn. This indicates a significant milestone in their relationship and shows her willingness to let their fans have a glimpse of their happiness together.

Surbhi Chandna's Boyfriend Name


Renowned television actress Surbhi Chandna has officially revealed her relationship with businessman Karnn R. Sharma.

Despite being private about her personal life, Surbhi’s heartfelt birthday post for Karnn on social media has confirmed their romantic involvement.

The couple looks joyful and radiant in the shared picture, receiving an outpouring of love and excitement from fans and well-wishers.

While details about Karnn R. Sharma’s profession remain undisclosed, his dedicated post for Surbhi on his own Instagram account reflects a strong bond between them. Surbhi and Karnn’s relationship is a beautiful testament to their commitment and love for each other.


Who is Surbhi Chandna’s boyfriend?

Surbhi Chandna’s boyfriend is Karnn R. Sharma.

What is the profession of Surbhi Chandna’s boyfriend?

Karnn R. Sharma’s profession is that of a businessman.

How long have Surbhi Chandna and Karnn R. Sharma been in a relationship?

The exact duration of Surbhi Chandna and Karnn R. Sharma’s relationship is unknown as they have kept their romance private.

Is Karnn R. Sharma active on social media?

Yes, Karnn R. Sharma is active on Instagram and has shared posts featuring Surbhi Chandna on his account.

Have Surbhi Chandna and Karnn R. Sharma appeared together in public events?

There is no information available regarding Surbhi Chandna and Karnn R. Sharma making public appearances together.

Has Surbhi Chandna spoken publicly about her relationship with Karnn R. Sharma?

Surbhi Chandna has chosen to keep her relationship with Karnn R. Sharma private and has not spoken about it in public.

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