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Bad Barbie XO Team

Bad Barbie XO Team Biography

Bad Barbie (born March 26, 2003) is a model, actress, OF creator, and social media influencer. The model is known for having a flawless body shape, and she regularly posts videos regarding Fashion and Story-based content on Instagram and Tik Tok. She has garnered about 1.7m followers on Instagram. Here is her wiki, biography, and everything about her.

She is also known as Nastya BadBarbie and regularly makes content to engage more people/Audiences on Instagram and Tik Tok She was interested in modeling and wanted to pursue it from an early age.

Bad Barbie’s real nameNastya Barbie
ProfessionModel, Actress, Social Media Influencer
Birth in Russia March 26, 2003
Age20 (as 2023)
Networth2 Million Dollars
Bad Barbie XO Team

Bad Barbie XO Team’s real name

Bad Barbie’s real name is Nastya Barbie. Despite our deep research, we discovered that Nastya Barbie is the correct name for the infamous Bad Barbie.

Bad Barbie XO Team Famous For

Bad Barbie is mainly famous for making lipsync videos and dancing videos on her Instagram Handle and also on Tik Tok.

She regularly posts Fashion and beautiful pictures on her Instagram and she might have a great experience with modeling and Dancing tips. She is a Verified user on Instagram and Tik Tok.

Bad Barbie is also a Member of the XO Team. She is the main character and actress in Xo Team.

What is XO Team?

XO Team is a reality show about the lives of influencers from the world’s most popular TikTok house! Haters, bullies, parental troubles, relationships: who hasn’t seen us like this yet? XO team members show in their videos how influencers live off-screen.

Well, XO Team is a page on Instagram and Tik Tok where a lot of trending and famous influencers make videos and upload them to Instagram and Tik Tok. The XO team is a wide network on social media as there are so many creators working there. They are creating story-based content that is capable of being created in a group.

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Bad Barbie Instagram

Barbie is very active on her Instagram handle. Barbie gained 1.5 million followers on her Instagram account. She also collaborates with Brands. She is verified on her Instagram Account. Barbie daily posts her Photos and Reels on her IG Handle.

Bad Barbie XO Team

Bad Barbie YouTube

If we talk about her Youtube channel which started on 22 April 2021. She gained a lot of audience in very less time. Her Youtube channel name is СТЕНКА. She gained 380k+ subscribers. She regularly makes challenging and long series of videos on her YouTube channel. The СТЕНКА is totally all about in the Russian Language.

Bad Barbie XO Team


Bad Barbie was born in Florida and currently, Bad Barbie is living with her family in Russia. Bad Barbie is very close to her mother I did a lot of research about her parents and siblings meaning family that we did not get any satisfactory results and we will update this post whenever we get information about her family. So don’t worry.


Bad Barbie is a Famous Fashion Model on Social Media who gained lots of Audiences by Posting Photos and Videos on Instagram And Tiktok as I mentioned ahead she is popular for engaging more audiences through videos on Social media Platforms. She collaborates with many brands on every social media platform including Tik Tok, Instagram, and Youtube.

Bad Barbie started her career as a fashion Model social media star and at this time She has more than 1.5m+ followers on his Instagram handle and on Tik Tok. and if we are talking about her followers on Tik Tok That is 6.4m followers. Her ambition is to inspire women on how to pose and dress while still maintaining morals and values that represent their looks.

She is also the Founder of her own Brands @bad_clothes_brand Cooperation: [email protected]

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She also collaborates with

  1. Elsarca.
  2. Kika Kim.
  3. Nevada.
  4. Krista Krime
  5. Alisha


No question about the Bad Barbie relationship and most celebrities try to keep their love life and personal life private. And if we talk about Boyfriend or Husband We did a lot of research about it but we didn’t get any satisfying information.

Social Media Handles

Tik Tok@badbaarbie

Followers on Social Media Handles

Instagram1.5m+ Followers
Tik Tok6.4m+ Followers
YouTube380k+ Subscribers
Bad Barbie XO Team


In conclusion, Bad Barbie is a popular model, actress, OF creator, and social media influencer. She gained popularity because of social media. because she creates lipsync and dancing content on Instagram and Tik Tok with XO Team Members.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Bad Barbie’s real name?

Bad Barbie’s real name is Nastya.

How old is Bad Barbie?

ad Barbie was born on March 26, 2003, which makes her 20 years old as of 2023

What is Bad Barbie known for?

Bad Barbie is known for being a model, actress, OF creator, and social media influencer. She is also known for her flawless body shape and for regularly posting videos on Instagram and TikTok regarding fashion and story-based content.

How many followers does Bad Barbie have on Instagram?

Bad Barbie has about 1.5 million followers on Instagram.