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XO Team Members Name with Photo

Are you looking for a XO Team Members Names with Photo, Net Worth & More? So don’t worry you are at the right place Because in this article we will talk about XO Team Member’s Names and also their Photos which you can easily Recognise.

What is XO Team?

According to the XO Team’s YouTube Channel. The XO Team is the reality show about the lives of influencers from the most popular TikTok house in the world! Haters, bullying, parent trouble, relationships: that haven’t seen us like this yet! XO Team members show in their videos how influencers live off-screen.

By the way, XO Team is a Page on Instagram and Tik Tok where lots of trending and famous influencers create videos and upload them on Instagram and Tik Tok. XO Team is a wide Network on Social Media Because Lots of creators are works there. They are making story-based content which is able to create in Group.

Who is the Leader of the XO Team?

The XO Group Inc. Executive Team is rated a “C-” and led by CEO Michael Steib. The leader/CEO of the XO Team is Michael Steib.

XO Team Instagram

This is the Page of the XO Team on Instagram where this page gain millions of followers. XO Team gains 4.3 million followers on Instagram.

XO Team Member’s Names with Photo

Now we are going to talk about which is our main Topic. You will see every member of the XO Team with their Photos and information about them.

You can also check full detail about each member of the XO Team.

3.Bad Barbie
4.Mary Senn
7.Kristi Krime
8.Maks Nemcev
9.Nikolay Spesivtsev (Kolunya)
10.Chanderlandd (Chana)
12.Gary Grey (artistgary)
13.Danya Boom

1. Kikakim Xo Team

Kristina Kim popularly known as Kikakim is a popular TikTok star and model from Kazakhstan. She has garnered about 6.8m+ followers on Instagram.

Kikakim Xo Team

Check more Information about KikaKim CLick Here

2. Nevaaadaa XO Team

Nevada is a young famous content creator and fashion model, a tik toker and also an Instagram influencer who was born in Russia on 25th January 2004 and currently is living in Russia with his family.

Nevaaadaa XO Team

Check more Information about Nevada CLick Here

3. Bad Barbie XO Team

Bad Barbie (born March 26, 2003) modelactressOF creator, and social media influencer. She has garnered about 1.5m followers on Instagram.

3. Bad Barbie XO Team

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4. Mary Senn XO Team

She was born in Korosten, Ukraine, on June 29, 1993.
Mary Senn is a content creator, Fashion model, Singer and social media influencer.

Mary senn XO Team

Check more Information about Mary seen CLick Here

5. Alisha Xo Team

She was born in Russia, on September 3, 2002
Alisha is a content creator, Fashion model and social media influencer.

Alisha Xo Team

Check more Information about Alisha CLick Here

6. Elsarca Xo Team

Elsarca  (born May 22, 1999) is a Russian Instagram model, actress, OF creator, and social media influencer.

 Elsarca Xo Team

Check more Information about Elsarca CLick Here

7. Kristi Krime XO Team

Krista Krime achieves huge success on Tik Tok. She gained 5m+ followers on Tik Tok. Kristi is also had great success on her Instagram Handle.

Kristi Krime XO Team

Check more Information about Krista Krime CLick Here

8. Maks Nemcev

Maks Nemcev achieves huge success on Instagram. He gained 1m+ followers on Instagram. Kristi is also had great success on her Tik Tok Handle.

9. Nikolay Spesivtsev (Kolunya)

10. Chanderlandd (Chana)

11. Timursorokin

He is a popular member of the XO team. Timu often seen in the videos of the XO team. He gained 2m followers on Instagram.

XO team members name

12. Gary Grey (artistgary)

Hi is the founder of the XO team and also he gained lots of popularity. He gained 1.4m+ followers on Instagram.

12. Danya Boom

He got 12 million followers on Tik Tok and on Instagram he gained 400k+ followers.

Xo team member

. Beembi

He is also a member of the XO team but he is a musician in xomusiclabel.

XO team member

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