Best YouTube channel for Engineering Mathematics

Best YouTube channel for Engineering Mathematics: I have a younger brother who is studying engineering mathematics, so yesterday he asked me what the best online courses are through which he can study engineering mathematics.

I told him that he doesn’t need to buy a single course because I know some YouTube channels that can teach him better than paid courses.

If you want to know about the best YouTube channels, then you will have to read this article till the end.

In today’s article, we will tell you about the Best YouTube channel for Engineering Mathematics.

Best YouTube channel for Engineering Mathematics

Top 10 YouTube Channels for Engineering Mathematics

There are lots of YouTube Channels for Engineering Mathematics but we filtered some best and Unique YouTube channels to Learn Engineering Mathematics which will perform very well in 2023.

1.Alex Maths Engineering
2.Bhagwan Singh Vishwakarma
3.Khan Academy
4.Gate Wallah
5.Electronic Devices & Circuits
7.Engineers ki Pathshala
8.Mathematics by NPTEL
9.GATE ACADEMY by Unacademy
10.Dr.Gajendra Purohit

1. Alex Maths Engineering

Best YouTube channel for Engineering Mathematics

The Alex Maths Engineering YouTube channel is your go-to place for clear and in-depth tutorials on engineering mathematics.

They cover a wide range of topics, including first, second, and third-year engineering mathematics, GATE exam preparation, Anna University coursework, algebra, and the practical applications of analytic functions.

Their videos are designed to make learning engineering math a snap and an enjoyable experience.

Subscribers: 60K

Videos: 741

Link to Channel: Click here

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2. Bhagwan Singh Vishwakarma

Bhagwan Singh Vishwakarma, which is the name of the YouTube channel, writes in the description of his YouTube channel that the purpose of creating this YouTube channel is to make educational videos available free of cost.

On this channel, you can study free of cost and Can join the live section. On this channel, you will get to see videos on all topics like Engineering Geology, Civil Engineering, Automobile and Project Videos, School Mathematics, Competitive Exams DIY Conversion.

The most popular video on the YouTube channel is Laplace Transform which was uploaded 8 years ago and has 1.7 million views.

Subscribers: 955K

Videos: 626

Link to Channel: Click here

3. Khan Academy

Khan Academy is a renowned YouTube channel globally recognized as a top resource for Engineering Mathematics.

With an astounding 8+ million subscribers, Khan Academy is a nonprofit organization committed to providing free, high-quality education worldwide.

Their channel features engaging online lectures on a wide range of subjects, including Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Economics, Biology, and more.

Whether you’re looking to grasp fundamental concepts like variables or trigonometry, Khan Academy’s videos offer excellent clarity and guidance. For those comfortable with Hindi, you can find their lectures on “Khan Academy India.”

Subscribers: 8.22M

Videos: 8.5K

Link to Channel: Click here

4. Gate Wallah

Best YouTube channel to Learn Analog Electronics

The GATE Wallah – EE, EC & CS YouTube Channel is a treasure trove of top-notch videos that use fantastic illustrations and straightforward explanations to delve into various Physics subjects.

On the GATE Wallah – EE, EC & CS YouTube channel, you are taught in a very simple manner, and at this place you will also get to watch live videos which you can join to clear your doubts.

Along with teaching on this channel, you are also highly motivated to achieve whatever goal you want.

Watch the most popular videos on this channel. The name is Orientation Computer Science. There have been 90000 views on that video which was uploaded 11 months ago. [Best YouTube channel for Engineering Mathematics]

Subscribers: 131K

Videos: 1.2K

Link to Channel: Click here

5. Electronic Devices & Circuits

Best YouTube channel to Learn Analog Electronics

The Electronic Devices & Circuits YouTube channel is your go-to source for all things electronics.

Whether you’re just starting out and want to learn about fundamental concepts like continuity equations and how electrons are generated and recombine, or you’re diving deeper into topics like semiconductor doping, pn junctions, Fermi levels, zener diodes for voltage regulation, and bipolar junction transistors, this channel has you covered.

With easy-to-follow tutorials, this channel is here to make analog electronics and semiconductor devices easy to understand for everyone.

Subscribers: 970

Videos: 75

Link to Channel: Click here


Welcome to the Fearless Innocent Math YouTube channel, hosted by the talented Anuj Kumar. Here, you’ll discover an innovative and all-encompassing way to tackle mathematics.

This channel not only covers engineering mathematics but also offers in-depth math tutorials led by Anuj himself, making it easier than ever to grasp complex math concepts.

Anuj Kumar’s math tutorials are known for their creative and comprehensive approaches to learning.

You can find a treasure trove of lessons under various series like “Anuj Sir Math,” “Dr. Anuj Math,” “Math By Anuj Sir,” and “Mathematics By Anuj.”

Anuj’s engaging teaching style and his ability to shed light on the intricacies of mathematics make Fearless Innocent Math a favorite among learners of all ages.

Subscribers: 32K

Videos: 570

Link to Channel: Click here

7. Engineers ki Pathshala

Certainly! Here’s a human-friendly and unique version of the text:

“Engineers ki Pathshala” stands out as a highly valuable YouTube channel. It’s a thriving community dedicated to delivering comprehensive subject-specific lectures across various engineering disciplines.

Their well-organized playlists are designed for easy navigation, allowing students to quickly locate relevant study materials. Plus, they have a dedicated playlist specifically for engineering mathematics, making it a great resource for preparing for your college exams.

This is the most popular video on this channel, its name is Basic Electrical Engineering. Which has got more than 3 million views, and this video was uploaded 5 years ago. Make sure you check out this video which has been made by Ranjan Rai Sir. [Best YouTube channel for Engineering Mathematics]

Subscribers: 800K

Videos: 2.4K

Link to Channel: Click here

8. Mathematics by NPTEL

If you’re looking to cram right before your exams, this YouTube channel is a fantastic resource, not just for engineering math but also for other engineering courses.

Their videos are concise and focus on the key areas crucial for your college exams. You can get a solid grasp of an entire topic in just one night of watching.

However, it’s worth noting that this channel may not cover every subject, so you might need to explore other channels for complete coverage.

These brief videos are perfect for last-minute test or viva preparation. For engineering students, this channel is a valuable asset, not only for course content but also for guidance that can enhance your overall college experience.

Subscribers: 265K

Videos: 6K

Link to Channel: Click here

9. GATE ACADEMY by Unacademy

Best YouTube channel to Learn Analog Electronics

The Gate Academy’s YouTube channel is your ultimate destination for GATE exam preparation. Many students rely heavily on this channel to ace the GATE exam, and last year, thanks to this channel, numerous students successfully passed one of India’s Toughest exams.

Subscribers: 833K

Videos: 10K

Link to Channel: Click Here

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10. Dr.Gajendra Purohit

Dr. Gajendra Purohit’s YouTube channel is a treasure trove of advanced mathematics content. It covers a wide spectrum, including B.Sc. engineering mathematics, IIT-JAM mathematics, CSIR-NET mathematics, and IAS optional mathematics.

This channel is an invaluable educational tool for those aiming to excel in engineering mathematics, as well as mathematics for B.Tech. and related fields.

GP Sir, as affectionately known, offers insightful explanations and valuable tips across various series such as “Mathematics by GP Sir,” “Engineering Mathematics,” and “Mathematics for BTech.”

The diverse range of videos available on this channel makes it an exceptional resource, particularly for students preparing for competitive exams. [Best YouTube channel for Engineering Mathematics]

Subscribers: 1.2M

Videos: 1K

Link to Channel: Click here

Which one is best for Engineering Mathematics

After carefully researching and reviewing all the options, I’ve concluded that the Khan Academy YouTube channel, which we initially ranked third, is actually the best choice.

For students of Mathematical Engineering, this channel offers a wealth of valuable content that you won’t find elsewhere.

What sets this channel apart is its extensive coverage of various topics. With the trust of over 8 million viewers, Khan Academy has proven to be a reliable source of knowledge.

So, if you’re a beginner Student on the journey of Mathematical Engineering studies, I highly recommend following channels like Khan Academy for a solid educational foundation.

What is the best math to learn for engineering?

Many people have another question which is the best math to learn engineering, then the direct answer is Linear Analysis, Calculus, and Geometry.

Those are the most important types of maths which are highly recommended for mathematical engineers.

According to Forbes, Trigonometry and Statistics are also very important to study if you are a student of Engineering Mathematics.


Best YouTube channel for Engineering Mathematics: My younger brother’s problem was solved, he came to know about 10 channels that were teaching engineering mathematics.

I hope that you all have also come to know which are the 10 channels which were teaching about engineering mathematics.

The best is related to Engineering Mathematics. If you have any channel in your mind that we have not mentioned in this article, then please tell us in the comment section, we will review that channel and if it is eligible then we will definitely include it in our list.

FAQ’s (Best YouTube channel for Engineering Mathematics)

What is the best engineering YouTube channel?

The best Engineering YouTube channel is Khan Academy.

Which app can solve engineering mathematics?

There are lots of apps but I suggest the apps like Byjus, Physics Wallah, and Unacedemy

Which engineering has the hardest maths?

Theoretical physics has some of the most challenging mathematics in engineering-related fields.

How can I learn engineering maths easily?

To learn engineering mathematics easily, practice consistently, seek help when needed, and use online resources like YouTube, and textbooks as references.

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