Best Youtube Channels about Space in India 2023

In a world where people have always been fascinated by space, learning about the universe is easier than ever. In 2023, India, with its strong background in science and technology, has many Best YouTube channels about Space in India. These channels cover everything from the latest discoveries in the Space area to amazing videos of the cosmos. In this article, we’ll journey through these YouTube channels and find out which ones are the best for 2023. So, let’s start exploring for Best Youtube Channels about Space in India.

Space is huge, full of mysteries that spark our imagination about what’s out there. Exploring space takes lots of research and experiments. But what really grabs our attention is the unknown universe waiting for us.

It’s all about discovering hidden facts, solving mysteries, and, most importantly, exploring what’s been out there but hidden from us. Space’s mystique is what draws us in, and that’s why we’re eager to learn more about it in various ways. (Best Youtube Channels about Space in India)

The pandemic changed 2020 in many ways, but it also gave us magical moments when we looked up at the sky. We saw rare events like the Super Flower Moon, the Lyrids meteor showers, and the ETA Aquarids, reminding us of the wonders above us.

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Top 10 Youtube Channels about Space in India

There are lots of YouTube channels about Space in India but we filtered some best and New YouTube channels about Space in India which performing very well in 2023.

1. ISRO Official

The Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO), part of the Department of Space, uses space technology for national development and explores space science and planets.

Best Youtube Channels about Space in India

Due to the great response on their Facebook and Twitter, they started a YouTube channel. Their goal is to let the public watch events like rocket launches freely.

This channel isn’t just about rockets; it also has webinars on space topics. ISRO has made our country proud, and this channel will help everyone interested in space see launches and learn more.

Subscribers: 4.32M

Videos: 85

What you can Learn from ISRO Official YouTube Channel

The ISRO (Indian Space Research Organisation) YouTube channel provides a window into India’s space endeavors, offering education, inspiration, and national pride. Through real-time rocket launches, webinars, and educational content, it promotes transparency, STEM education, and a sense of wonder about the universe. It’s a testament to ISRO’s commitment to space exploration and public engagement, demonstrating the value of dedication, innovation, and international collaboration in the pursuit of space knowledge and advancement.

2. AntarikshTV

In the wide galaxy of YouTube channels, there’s a shining star for space and science lovers, and that’s Kaushik Bhattacharjee, the brains behind “Antariksh TV.” Born on November 19, 1997, in Jamshedpur, Jharkhand, Kaushik took on a mission to explain the mysteries of the cosmos in Hindi.

Best Youtube Channels about Space in India

Kaushik’s love for space, the universe, and science started early, and he decided to share his passion on YouTube. In early 2017, he launched “Antariksh TV,” which has now reached an impressive 4.21 million subscribers. (Best Youtube Channels about Space in India)

What makes “Antariksh TV” special is its dedication to explaining complex scientific ideas in simple Hindi. This makes space and science understandable to a wider audience. Kaushik’s videos explore the weird, mysterious, and captivating parts of the universe, ensuring even the most intricate celestial events make sense to everyone.

With over 960 videos posted so far, Kaushik has earned both Silver and Gold YouTube Play Buttons, showing his commitment and the channel’s growing popularity.

Subscribers: 4.21M

Videos: 960


NASA’s YouTube channel is a reliable source for space enthusiasts. It shares insights into their missions in space exploration, amazing aviation feats, and important scientific findings. Their videos highlight 50 years of dedicated research, deep analysis, and exploration of scientific principles, space discoveries, and related theories.

Best Youtube Channels about Space in India

This channel caters to all those who are passionate about space and the cosmos. It offers a comprehensive look at the universe and how our understanding of it has evolved over time. (Best Youtube Channels about Space in India)

Subscribers: 4.21M

Videos: 5.6K

4. SpaceX

SpaceX, led by visionary entrepreneur Elon Musk, is a major American aerospace company that provides space transportation services. Founded in 2002, this pioneering organization specializes in creating and launching advanced spacecraft, rockets, and shuttles, revolutionizing space technology.

Best Youtube Channels about Space in India

Their YouTube channel is dedicated to exploring the frontiers of space science, astrophysics, and the cosmos. It carefully examines the latest developments and innovations in these fields. The channel offers a detailed look at everything, from the spectacular launches of giant rockets to the intricate movements of spacecraft in space. For space and aviation enthusiasts, this channel is a valuable resource, providing a comprehensive view of the many successful missions beyond Earth.

Subscribers: 6.54M

Videos: 524

5. PBS Space Time

PBS Space-Time is a top YouTube channel about space, thanks to its knowledgeable host, astrophysicist Matthew O’Dowd. This channel isn’t just about captivating content on science fiction, astrophysics, and cosmic events. It also dives deep into the complex world of physics, giving you a fascinating peek into some pretty advanced concepts.

Best Youtube Channels about Space in India

Matthew O’Dowd, the channel’s expert presenter, puts a lot of effort into researching and organizing his videos. Each video, filled with stunning visuals, takes you on a comprehensive journey through cosmic phenomena. You’ll explore everything from the mysterious black holes to the vast galaxies and the exciting idea of life beyond Earth. (Best Youtube Channels about Space in India)

But PBS Space-Time isn’t just for fun; it’s an educational gem. It lights the way for future astronauts, space fans, and students. Its treasure trove of knowledge provides priceless insights, nurturing the minds and dreams of those who want to understand the incredible wonders of the universe.

Subscribers: 2.93M

Videos: 362

6. Rahasya Tv Space

Rahasya TV Space is an impressive Indian YouTube channel. It’s like a doorway to the universe for people who are curious about space and want to learn in Hindi. They’re really committed to spreading knowledge about science, and they make the mysteries of space feel closer to us.

Best Youtube Channels about Space in India

They have cool videos and helpful information that let Hindi-speaking folks explore space, astronomy, and astrophysics. Whether it’s understanding the puzzling universe or breaking down how celestial objects move, this channel is like a treasure chest of knowledge, making space science easy to understand for more people.

Rahasya TV Space does it in an interesting way, making learning about space fun. It’s encouraging a new generation of space fans and science lovers in India.

Subscribers: 1.2M

Videos: 236

7. Wave Hindi Documentary

Wave Hindi Documentary is an outstanding Indian YouTube channel that’s like a guiding light for space enthusiasts who speak Hindi. This channel is all about exploring the universe, introducing you to space, scientists, and groundbreaking experiments, all in Hindi.

Best Youtube Channels about Space in India

They have a fascinating range of content, from diving into the lives of famous scientists to showing live videos of celestial events. It’s like a lighthouse of education, helping you understand space science while speaking your language. (Best Youtube Channels about Space in India)

Wave Hindi Documentary is a key player in sparking scientific curiosity and spreading knowledge. It makes the huge universe easier to understand and more interesting for a wider audience in India.

Subscribers: 300K

Videos: 62

8. Cosmic Duniya

Cosmic Duniya is a captivating Hindi YouTube channel that’s a fantastic resource for anyone curious about space, the universe, and the fascinating history of life on Earth. This channel blends facts with historical insights to make learning engaging.

Best Youtube Channels about Space in India

You get to embark on a journey through the cosmos, uncovering the universe’s mysteries, and also dive into Earth’s history, tracing the evolution of life. Cosmic Duniya isn’t just educational; it sparks a sense of wonder and curiosity about space and our role in it.

With its wealth of knowledge, Cosmic Duniya guides those who want to expand their understanding of the cosmos and our planet’s incredible story, all in the Hindi language for easy access.

Subscribers: 1.65M

Videos: 365

9. Hubble Space Telescope

The Space Telescope Science Institute, using this channel, does detailed studies and shares its findings about these celestial events. They not only explain how these phenomena began but also show how we’ve turned them from mysteries into things we understand.

Best Youtube Channels about Space in India

This unraveling of cosmic secrets is fascinating and educational. It sparks curiosity and passion for the uncharted parts of the universe. Understanding how we’ve gone from asking these questions to today fills us with wonder and pulls us into the exciting world of the still-unexplored universe mysteries.

Subscribers: 248K

Videos: 567

10. Galaxy Ka Rahasya

Galaxy Ka Rahasya is a well-known Indian YouTube channel that’s a great place for people who want to learn about galaxies, the universe, space, science, and more. This channel is special because it’s run by an expert in space.

Best Youtube Channels about Space in India

They cover a wide range of topics, making it easy for everyone to understand complex scientific ideas. You can explore everything from the mysteries of faraway galaxies to the latest space discoveries. It’s like a treasure chest of cosmic knowledge. (Best Youtube Channels about Space in India)

Galaxy Ka Rahasya not only teaches but also sparks a deep interest in the universe. It’s a valuable resource for those who want to go on a cosmic journey with an Indian perspective.

Subscribers: 270K

Videos: 219


As our exploration of the digital cosmos wraps up, it’s clear that the thirst for space knowledge is boundless. In 2023, India’s YouTube space community not only educates and inspires but also connects with millions of space enthusiasts nationwide and beyond. Whether you dream of becoming an astronaut, love gazing at the stars, or simply have a curiosity about the universe, the YouTube channels we’ve explored here offer a galaxy of knowledge at your fingertips.

In this ever-changing field of space exploration and discovery, these channels are like guiding lights, leading us through the cosmic wonders all around us. So, as you continue your journey into the depths of space knowledge, remember to hit that subscribe button, ring the notification bell, and keep your eyes on the skies. The universe is vast, and there’s always more to learn, explore, and discover, whether it’s among the stars or right here on your screens. Happy stargazing!

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