Best YouTube Channels for CAT Preparation 2023

If you are thinking that YouTube is the Best Platform to Practice the CAT Exam in 2023. Then you are thinking right because many Students can’t afford Premium or Subscription Platforms to prepare CAT Exam. But we all know YouTube is free and we also learn everything on YouTube. But there is doubt, On YouTube you have to find valuable and Authentic YouTube Channels for CAT Preparation 2023. That’s why in this article I will give you the Best and Top 10 Youtube Channels for CAT Preparation.

Best YouTube Channels for CAT Preparation

Top 10 YouTube Channels for CAT Preparation

There are lots of YouTube Channels for CAT Preparation but we filtered some best and Unique YouTube Channels for CAT Preparation which will perform very well in 2023.

1. MBA Wallah

Best YouTube Channels for CAT Preparation

Your hunt will stop here at MBA Wallah by PW, it’s a one-stop solution that will help you to crack it. PW has a legacy of making dreams come true and now it has brought a new Revolution – MBA Wallah by PW, Leaving no stone unturned here you will get the entire syllabus of CAT and OMETs Free of Cost by the best faculty of India along with numerous strategies. (Best YouTube Channels for CAT Preparation)

This channel will give you insights into cracking different Management examinations from CAT to all other OMETs, through Top-Quality Courses for all PG management examinations, curated by India’s Best Faculties as they have come together to form an exceptional team to Crack CAT 2023. The team will help you to convert your ambitions of premiere IIMs into reality.

Subscribers: 113K

Videos: 584

Link to Channel: MBA Wallah

2. 2IIM CAT Preparation

Best YouTube Channels for CAT Preparation

2IIM displays a profound and unwavering dedication to the CAT exam exclusively, showcasing a laser-focused approach. The videos offered are not only concise and meticulously edited but also captivating. While the utilization of graphics is minimal, the ones incorporated are exceptionally engaging. The diversity of videos available is astonishing, encompassing intricate dissections of previous years’ CAT question papers, some extending up to a duration of 10 minutes. The content ranges from regular updates on the syllabus to test questions presented through their Community polls, interviews, and a myriad of other imaginative formats. The educators predominantly comprise alumni hailing from esteemed institutions like IITs and IIMs.

Subscribers: 160K

Videos: 960

Link to Channel: 2IIM CAT Preparation

3. Hitbullseye

Best YouTube Channels for CAT Preparation

Hitbullseye shines as a leading YouTube channel that helps you prepare for MBA entrance exams. It’s really good! They have lots of videos and stuff that make studying interesting. If you want to do great on your exams, this is your channel.

They’ve got excellent video classes, practice tests, and study materials. These are made super carefully to help you understand hard stuff, and you can learn at your own speed. Also, they have smart teachers who give you excellent advice. This means you get the best coaching.

So, if you’re getting ready for MBA exams, check out Hitbullseye on YouTube. It’s a smart choice!

Subscribers: 118K

Videos: 1K

Link to Channel: Hitbullseye

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Best YouTube Channels for CAT Preparation

CATKing has become well-known among CAT aspirants, mainly because of its coaching center in Pune. But don’t miss their YouTube channel – it’s really good too. What makes this channel special is its amazing and super-skilled teachers. They teach in a different way that stands out. Instead of using a computer, they teach on a real whiteboard, just like in a classroom. The Teacher who teaches in this channel, his name is Rahul Sir.

They have a lot of videos – more than 160 LIVE classes! These classes are not edited, just like how Unacademy does it. Still, CATKing is definitely one of the top channels for CAT aspirants.

Subscribers: 400K

Videos: 6K

Link to Channel:

5. Unacademy MBA

Best YouTube Channels for CAT Preparation

Unacademy MBA channel is your all-inclusive destination for free, top-tier coaching designed to propel you towards acing your entrance exams.

The channel boasts live sessions conducted by esteemed educators, interactive classes that foster participation, and adept guidance spanning various MBA entrance examinations. Centered around CAT preparation, Unacademy MBA offers captivating content, comprehensive practice tests, and invaluable tips and techniques that contribute to your exam readiness.

Hence, whether you are a seasoned MBA aspirant or embarking on your journey, Unacademy MBA furnishes an array of resources to ensure your success in entrance exams. I encourage you to explore the channel and join forces in conquering those exams together!

Subscribers: 260K

Videos: 7K

Link to Channel: Unacademy MBA

6. BYJU’S Exam Prep: CAT & MBA

Best YouTube Channels for CAT Preparation

BYJU’S is one of India’s largest platforms for learning and preparation. They have a presence on YouTube too, along with their subscription-based platform. They offer both paid and free lectures and classes on YouTube. Many students are drawn to their excellent teaching skills showcased in their videos. They explain each topic using engaging graphics that are visually appealing.

These graphics make the videos more engaging and the format is good too. The videos are short, like around 4 minutes, or longer, like 45 minutes. Just keep in mind, that BYJU’S has really polished videos, but they want you to use their paid app. So, some videos might not be free.

Subscribers: 105K

Videos: 2.7K

Link to Channel: BYJU’S Exam Prep: CAT & MBA

7. Cracku – MBA CAT Preparation

Best YouTube Channels for CAT Preparation

The Cracku MBA CAT Preparation YouTube channel offers a treasure trove of free CAT preparation video lectures, all conducted by IIM alumni. This is an essential channel for all MBA aspirants across India.

The channel features highly crucial MBA and CAT preparation videos that delve into significant concepts relevant to the CAT exam as well as other notable examinations. It is imperative to engage with these video tutorials for comprehensive CAT exam preparation. These videos provide invaluable insights into CAT and various other MBA exams such as IIFT, XAT, SNAP, CMAT, NMAT, TISS, and MBA MAH-CET. The ultimate goal is to secure admission into your preferred B-school and esteemed IIM institutions.

With a track record of training numerous students, Cracku has been instrumental in guiding them toward pursuing their MBA dreams in prestigious B-Schools including IIMA, IIMB, IIMC, IIML, IIM Kozhikode, IIM Indore, IIFT, FMS Delhi, JBIMS, MDI, SP Jain, TISS, and XLRI.

The channel equips you with a variety of CAT exam shortcuts, formulas, tips, and tricks catering to all sections of the CAT exam – Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension (VARC), Data Interpretation and logical Reasoning (DILR), and Quantitative Aptitude (QA).

Subscribers: 127K

Videos: 1.1K

Link to Channel: Cracku MBA CAT Preparation

8. Handa Ka Funda CAT Exam Prep (CAT Funda by Unacademy)

Best YouTube Channels for CAT Preparation

The oldest channel in our list is also the funniest, which is really helpful for newbies starting their CAT exam prep. The videos are interesting and not only give you a fun overview of the CAT exam but also explain how it works. They even have really detailed and funny lectures on specific topics. This channel is super versatile and easy to watch, making it great for lots of people.

It’s not shocking that this channel has more than 2 million views. It’s just so engaging and covers everything you need.

Subscribers: 50K

Videos: 836

Link to Channel: CAT Funda by Unacadamy

9. Studybuzz Education MBA Preparation

Best YouTube Channels for CAT Preparation

StudyBUZZ is a proactive initiative aimed at guiding students to conquer diverse aptitude-based entrance exams requisite for an array of MBA courses. Our primary concentration encompasses esteemed assessments such as CAT, IIFT, XAT, NMAT, SNAP, CMAT, TISS, MH-CET, GMAT, SRCC GBO, XGMT, and an array of other essential examinations.

The brainchild behind this endeavor is Saurabh Kothari, an XLRI Jamshedpur MBA alumnus, an impressive eight-time recipient of various IIM interview calls (CAT score: 98.68 percentile), and a professional with valuable corporate experience gained at Ernst & Young.

Subscribers: 470K

Videos: 2.1K

Link to Channel: Study Buzz MBA Preparation

10. Learn 4 Exam

Best YouTube Channels for CAT Preparation

Learn4Exam stands as a dedicated YouTube channel committed to aiding ambitious MBA hopefuls in their journey toward CAT exam readiness. The channel comprehensively addresses an array of topics crucial to CAT preparation, including effective strategies, proven methods for cracking the CAT exam, and insightful analysis on which MBA specialization yields the highest remuneration and optimal success rates. This channel serves as a valuable resource for individuals seeking to excel in the CAT exam of 2023.

Subscribers: 264K

Videos: 1.8K

Link to Channel: Learn4Exam

Which one is best for CAT preparation?

If we are going to talk about Which one is best for CAT preparation? then the Suitable answer is MBA Wallah. Because this new and Modernized channel is compared to other mentioned Channels. The other main thing about this channel is Created and run by PW (Physics Wallah / Alakh Pandey).

Physics Wallah Private Limited is an Indian educational technology company headquartered in Noida, Uttar Pradesh. It was founded by Alakh Pandey and Prateek Maheshwari in 2020. It became a unicorn in June 2022 after raising $100 million at a valuation of $1.1 billion.


In summary, YouTube stands as a free and valuable platform for CAT exam preparation in 2023, bridging the gap for students who cannot afford premium resources. While sifting through the plethora of content requires caution, the curated list of the top 10 and Best YouTube Channels for CAT Preparation offers a trustworthy guide. Embracing YouTube’s boundless educational offerings, aspirants can confidently navigate their path toward success in the upcoming CAT exam.

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