ElleCee Nelson birthday, height, real name, Bio, Family, and more. (2023)

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ElleCee Nelson Birthday (age)

How old is ElleCee Nelson in 2023? ElleCee Nelson is 10 years old in 2023 and her birthday date is 31 July.

ElleCee Nelson (Biography)

ElleCee Nelson is one of the littlest members of the famous family vlog channel called Not Enough Nelsons. They do funny skits, challenges, and other stuff. The channel has over 2.5 million subscribers.

She acted in a video called “BUYING ANYTHING ElleCee WANTS Challenge!” In the video, she had a birthday challenge to choose whatever toys she likes, including many dolls. She got baptized when she was eight years old.

Full nameElleCee Faith Nelson
NicknameElle and ElleCe.
Birth31 July 2013 (age 10), United States.
Birth SignLeo
Sex ratioFemale
Net worth$1M+ (Approx)

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ElleCee Nelson height

How tall is ElleCee Nelson in height?

Height3ft 1 inch+/ 1.55m/ 155cm
Weight21 Kg+ / 121+ pounds.
Hair ColorRed
Eyes ColorBlue
Body Measurement24 – 20 – 24 inches (Approx)
Body TypeSlim

ElleCee Nelson Early life

Tiffany Nelson visited ElleCee (formerly Kelly) when she just came home from the hospital with her birth mom Amy. ElleCee and her older half-sister DeLayNee lived with Amy because she had stopped using drugs. Later, Tiffany was asked to foster them as Amy was pregnant again with Beckham. Tiffany had 11 kids at home and felt overwhelmed but prayed about it. She felt Jesus told her she would be multiplied, like in the scripture.

ElleCee, along with Beckham and DeLayNee, was fostered by the Nelsons until their adoption in September 2015. ElleCee is the 14th in age, sixth/seventh/eighth adopted, and 12th/13th/14th child in the Nelson family. ElleCee and Beckham share the same biological parents and birth mom as LiLee, SaiDee, Luke, and DeLayNee.

ElleCee Nelson Career

Currently, ElleCee Nelson’s in 5th grade at a public elementary school this year, 2023-24. She’s been learning Chinese since she began school. She really likes math, science, and art. In addition, the members of “Not Enough Nelsons” and “NEN Fam” Youtube channels where the main channel following is 2.54M+ subscribers and on the second channel, we have a following of 762K+ subscribers.

In addition, the main most viewed video is “We got into a CAR Accident….” which got over 7.8M+ views and the channel’s oldest video is “15 SIBLINGS?! I’M NO LONGER A PART OF THIS FAMILY!” which got overall 1M+ views.

The NEN Fam channel’s most viewed video is “A DAY IN MY 10 KiDS LIFE in ALPHABETICAL ORDER!” which got over 2.7M+ views and the channel’s oldest video is “24 HOUR Overnight HOUSE SWAP! | With The OHANA ADVENTURE!” which got overall 220K+ views.

However, These channels are making a lot of revenue, The main channel makes every month $21.7K  –  $347.1K US Dollars and every year is $260.3K  –  $4.2M US dollars. On the Second channel, it makes every month $9.1K  –  $145.8K US dollars and every year is $109.3K  –  $1.7M US Dollars.

ElleCee Nelson Parents and Siblings

MotherTiffany Nelson
Birth MomAmy (passed in 2023)
FatherBenji Nelson
Total siblings15 Siblings, Eleven have sisters and five have brothers.
Younger SiblingShe has no younger sisters and she is the youngest girl in the Nelson family.

2 younger brothers (Beckham Nelson and Ledger Nelson)
10 older sisters (KennaDee Nelson, JourNee Nelson, Kass Nelson, Jaine Nelson, LiLee Nelson,  SaiDee Nelson, NayVee Nelson, PaisLee Nelson, DeLayNee Nelson, and PresLee Nelson)

3 older brothers (Bridger Nelson, Trey Nelson, and Luke Nelson)

ElleCee Nelson Instagram (@elleceefaithnelson)

ElleCee Faith Nelson has 7 posts and around 25.4K followers on her Instagram account. She follows 18 accounts herself. This is a parent-owned account linked with the popular Not Enough Nelson family. They share glimpses of their life through posts. Thank you!

Some facts about ElleCee Nelson

  • ElleCee Nelson adores pigs.
  • Mornings are her favorite time of the day.
  • She got braces when she turned 10.
  • Among the Nelson family, she’s the youngest girl.
  • There’s a blouse named after her at JustKass shop.
  • Her middle name, Faith, is the same as her older sister SaiDee.
  • She does competitive cheerleading at Champion All-Stars Cheer.
  • She can be described as sweet, hardworking, and happy

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In conclusion, ElleCee Nelson shines as one of the youngest stars in the renowned family vlog channel, Not Enough Nelsons. With their amusing skits, exciting challenges, and more, they’ve amassed a whopping 2.5 million subscribers. ElleCee took center stage in the “BUYING ANYTHING ElleCee WANTS Challenge!” video, where she embraced a birthday adventure, picking out her favorite toys, dolls aplenty. This spirited young soul also marked a special milestone, getting baptized at the age of eight. ElleCee’s journey is a delightful blend of laughter, love, and growing up in the limelight.

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