SaiDee Nelson height, real name, Bio, Family, Instagram, and more. (2023)

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SaiDee Nelson Height

How tall is SaiDee Nelson in height?

Height5ft 1 inch/ 1.55m/ 155cm
Weight49Kg / 121 pounds.
Hair ColorBlond(e)
Eyes ColorLight Blue
Body Measurement30 – 22 – 32 inches (Approx)
Body TypeSlim

SaiDee Nelson (Biography)

Saidee Nelson is a popular American YouTuber known for being part of the Not Enough Nelsons channel. With her family, she’s gained over 2.5 million subscribers on YouTube. Saidee also shares selfies and family photos on her own Instagram account called “saideefaithnelson.”

Full nameSaiDee Faith Nelson
NicknameSaids, Saiders, and Slim SaiDee
Birth nameKenadie
Birth15 June 2007 (age 16), United States.
Birth SignGemini
Sex ratioFemale
Net worth$1M – 1.5M (Approx)
SaiDee Nelson height

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SaiDee Nelson Age

How old is SaiDee Nelson in 2023? SaiDee Nelson is 16 years old in 2023.

SaiDee Nelson Early life

SaiDee Nelson is adopted at the age of 2 years old in March 2010 by the Nelsons Family. Before the adoption, she was called by the name Kennadie. But in the Nelson family, Kennadie’s name is similar like her older sister is kennaDee Nelson. So, that’s why Kennadie was changed to LeXee for a few years and then they again changed Kennadie’s name to LeXee to SaiDee.

SaiDee Nelson Career

Currently, SaiDee Nelson is in the 10th Grade (high school) for the 2023-24 school year. She’s not a fan of math. She repeated a grade, so she seems older in her class. In addition, the members of “Not Enough Nelsons” and “NEN Fam” Youtube channels where the main channel following is 2.54M+ subscribers and on the second channel, we have a following of 762K+ subscribers.

In addition, the main most viewed video is “We got into a CAR Accident….” which got over 7.8M+ views and the channel’s oldest video is “15 SIBLINGS?! I’M NO LONGER A PART OF THIS FAMILY!” which got overall 1M+ views.

The NEN Fam channel’s most viewed video is “A DAY IN MY 10 KiDS LIFE in ALPHABETICAL ORDER!” which got over 2.7M+ views and the channel’s oldest video is “24 HOUR Overnight HOUSE SWAP! | With The OHANA ADVENTURE!” which got overall 220K+ views.

However, These channels are making a lot of revenue, The main channel makes every month $21.7K  –  $347.1K US Dollars and every year is $260.3K  –  $4.2M US dollars. On the Second channel, it makes every month $9.1K  –  $145.8K US dollars and every year is $109.3K  –  $1.7M US Dollars.

SaiDee Nelson height

SaiDee Nelson Parents and Siblings

MotherTiffany Nelson
Birth MomAmy (passed in 2023)
FatherBenji Nelson
Total siblings16 Siblings, Eleven have sisters and five have brothers.
Younger SiblingFive younger sisters (NayVee Nelson, PaisLee Nelson, DeLayNee Nelson, PresLee Nelson, and ElleCee Nelson)

Three younger brothers (Luke Nelson, Beckham Nelson, and Ledger Nelson)
Five older sisters (KennaDee Nelson, JourNee Nelson, Kass Nelson, Jaine Nelson, and LiLee Nelson)

Two older brothers (Bridger and Trey)

SaiDee Nelson Instagram (@saideefaithnelson)

SaiDee Faith Nelson, the official presence of SaiDee Nelson, shares her life journey through 47 posts on Instagram. With an impressive following of 79.6K devoted fans. As a member of the “Not Enough Nelsons” family, SaiDee’s online presence reflects her strong ties to faith, family, and affiliation with the Church of Jesus Christ.

Some facts about SaiDee Nelson

  • SaiDee Faith loves Taylor Swift
  • SaiDee Faith likes watching baseball and is a big fan of the Los Angeles Dodgers
  • She has iPhone 14 pro Gadget as a mobile Phone.
  • SaiDee Faith doesn’t like Lululemon
  • SaiDee Faith is known to be boy crazy
  • In 2022 – 23, she played soccer for her high school.
  • Her favorite sibling is Bridger
  • SaiDee Faith doesn’t like chickpeas or hummus
  • She has crushes on Lev Cameron Khmelev and Tony Lopez.
  • SaiDee Faith has a fear of the ocean and sharks
  • SaiDee Faith has failed her driver’s permit test 6 times.
  • She has got surprise party on her 14 birthday during her right hand is injured.
  • SaiDee Faith has the same middle name as her younger sister ElleCee.

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In conclusion, Saidee Nelson is a popular American YouTuber from the Not Enough Nelsons channel, has gained fame with over 2.5 million subscribers. On Instagram, she shares snapshots and family moments as “saideefaithnelson.” Adopted at the age of 2, her name change from Kennadie to LeXee and then SaiDee, which reflects the Nelsons’ effort to foster a strong family bond while allowing each member to shine individually. Saidee’s online presence exemplifies love, acceptance, and the unbreakable ties that define a close-knit family.

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