How to Download Capcut 6.1.0 in India

Hey, What’s up beautiful people. Today I m going to show you. How to Download Capcut Latest version and install it properly on your android device.

About Capcut

Capcut(ViaMaker) is a multimedia application. Which is used to edit videos such as short videos, Tiktok, Reels and many other platform. In this application you will find lots of effects, Transitions, Filters and also other Professional features. Which helps to edit your videos Professionally.

How to Download Capcut 6.1.0 in India

So let me tell you that Capcut application is currently Banned in India. And if you want to download the capcut application then you can easily download it from our site Download button at the bottom.

How to Download Capcut 5-6-0 in India

But First I am going to give you complete information about how you can run the cap cut application on your device during its banned service.

Once You download the Capcut application from our site you have to install it. And now you are not going directly open it firstly you have to Download a VPN Which link appears in the middle of the post. You can use any VPN. (How to Download Capcut 5-6-0 in India)

How to Download Capcut 5-6-0 in India

Once you download the VPN from our site. Easily open that VPN and connect it to the Singapore server. Because this server is suitable for Capcut. You can connect to any other server with no problem. But if any other server doesn’t work then you have to connect it to only the Singapore server. After connecting it to the server then you have to easily open the capcut application. Now you can enjoy all the features of Capcut.

And if you understand now please watch this video carefully.

How to Download Capcut 5-6-0 in India

How to apply 3D ZOOM Effect on Photos.

As you know Capcut has an awesome effect namely the 3D zoom effect which is Huge trending on Short Videos Platform if you want to apply that effect on your photos then you have to read this article below.

3d according to a trend that is going around on TikTok where all you need is your phone and the app cap cut let’s jump into it. okay so to get started you’ll first need the app called capcut you can just find this on our site Download Button at the Bottom.

Once you download it open the app and click the new project for this trend the way that most people have been doing it is you upload a photo and if you want to import music in the app that is used click add in the bottom right corner and they will come into the editor now to time it out to the music for the trend.

You want to trim each of the photos so go ahead and do this for each of the photos once your photos are timed out then you can add the zoom effect that you see and what makes this trend distinct to do that you click each photo and then go to the bottom bar and scroll over and there should be a button that says style.

Click that button and then choose the 3d zoom option and it will do this thing where it’s like adding the effect to your photo. Then you can preview it and it should look like it’s zooming in a little bit and moving the photo while also changing the perspective to make it look 3d. So add that effect to each of the photos by clicking and then adding the 3d zoom and after you add the styling to all your photos it should look something like this where it’s changing perspective for each of them now in terms of the audio you can either add this in tik tok when you’re actually uploading the video or if you’re not going to post it on tik tok.

And now you have to export the video in your Gallery. Easily you will find an option on the top right corner which an arrow icon simply click on it and then your video will begin to save in your gallery automatically.

And if You do not understand now watch this video Carefully

Download VPN

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