How to make Face off trending Reel | 3D zoom Pro

So, as you know Instagram reels just growing very rapidly. Because Instagram Reels wants to Beat Tik Tok and Youtube Shorts. the creator of instagram growing very fastly because of Instagram Reels, Because Every day a new trend is pop up on Reels. And now a days the Face off Reels is very trending on Instagram. We are happy to telling you. You have to just read the Article carefully and you will easily create this trend.

About Trend

Trend is all about an editing application which is capcut. To make this type of reel you have to download Capcut application firstly. Once you install the capcut. You have apply just two effect which is present in Capcut.

Effect needs to make the reel

1. 3D zoom Pro

Present in the Style Option. 3D zoom Pro feature is only apply on Photos, not on Videos.

2. Strobe

Present in Effects, Video effect, then Party.

How to make Face off reel (tutorial)

  1. Open the capcut and add a photo.
  2. Turn on your Phone’s screen recording.
  3. Click on clip and go to Style Feature.
  4. Click on 3D zoom Pro (its takes time to Generate)
  5. Play the project/video.
  6. Turn off the Screen recording.
  7. Open Capcut Again and add the video which you recently record through screen recorder.
  8. But before open the capcut you have to download a face off reel from Instagram, for orginal audio.
  9. Add Audio in the Capcut application by clicking on the “add audio“.
  10. Cut the extra/waste part of the video by clicking split option.
  11. Now match clip with Audio, if doesn’t matched, easily go to speed and do clip speed 2x or 3x according to beat.
  12. After Matched original audio with your Clip, easily click on export option which is present at top right. now your video begins to export.

So, here is the all steps which you have to apply in your Capcut application to make this type of reel. If you are not understand yet, Don’t worry you can easily watch our video which is mentioned below.

I hope now you can easily make this video/Reel

Thanks you

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