Top 10 Trending Filters on Instagram Reels right now

Here, we Update the top trending filters on Instagram every week. With the help of our Post, you can quickly learn about trending filters on Instagram and How you can easily use them for your Instagram Reels.

Advantage Of Trending Filters

So, with the help of trending filters, your reels, posts, and Stories have begun to boost up. You can easily rank your Content on any social media Platform, Only because of the Trend. Keep in mind Trend is our Best Friend. That,s why the trend is more important to viral or rank your content.

How you can find the trending filter?

So, all the trending reel filter/Effect is mentioned below by the original reel. Easily you have to click on a specific reel and then you will redirect to your Instagram and then you can find the trending filter. Filter/Effect is mentioned below in the screen of reels section.

So here is the list of Top 10 trending filters on Instagram

1. Ultra Light

With the help of this filter, your videos look awesome because this filter increases the quality of your videos.


With the help of this filter/Effect, you can easily colour grader your reels – Moody Black Tone

3. Brush Stroke

Check Filter

This filter is new on Instagram. You can also do this one.

4. Get away from my car

This trend is only for your joy and happiness. By the way, you can easily understand the filter from the name of this filter.


This filter is all about increasing your Video Quality. You can try this filter for your indoor Videos.

6. Colour Game

Basically, it is a game you will play in the reels. Interesting

7. Spiderman Web Effect

This trend is most viral on reels. You can also make a video on it but you have to choose “Spidermaneffect”

8. Before/After Scan

With the help of this filter, You can see your twin.

9. Drawing Face

This filter helps you draw the outline of your body.


This filter helps to increase engagement in your video. In starting your reel video is in a Blur situation, But after some time blur will automatically disappear and your video is real to see.

So here is the list of 10 Filters/Effect which is currently the most trending On Reels.

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